Yesterday we got very concerning news from the White House. In a counteroffer to Republican lawmakers, President Biden has taken a step backwards on his infrastructure and jobs plan, drastically reducing the size and impact for our communities.

We elected Biden on the boldest climate justice platform in history. Right now, we have an historic opportunity to pass a transformational set of policies that — if done right — would invest $10 trillion to create 15 million good jobs and cut climate emissions in half by 2030 while fostering greater racial equity and healthier communities.

Every dollar we invest in climate action is an investment in people across the country: the 21 million people who live near a Superfund site that requires cleanup, the 2 million living in public housing who deserve a healthy home, the 20,000 people who die each year from gas vehicle pollution and deserve clean air to breathe.1 It’s an investment in young people and future generations, who are relying on us to leave them a livable planet.

We can’t afford to compromise with do-nothing Republicans. Millions of lives are on the line. Now is the time to go big and bold on climate, jobs and justice!

As word of this latest development gets out, the White House will be watching to see how we all react. So will members of Congress and the media. Together we can help shape the narrative that this deal is unacceptable for the climate and our communities. If our public outcry is big enough, we can show Biden it’s time to go bolder, not smaller.

Will you tweet at President Biden or share our Facebook post to get the message out far and wide?

1. Recovery Factsheet, Sierra Club

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