November 29, 2021

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Controlling snacking during the pandemic

EUGENE, Ore. — Eating healthy and getting exercise has been made more difficult for many during the pandemic, as many worry that snacking and other unhealthy habits have led to weight gain.

“Patients frequently start my visit by apologizing for gaining a few pounds,” said Oregon Medical Group family physician Dr. Gary Brandt. “Just about everybody feels they’ve gained weight.”

According to Dr. Brandt, weight gain data throughout the pandemic isn’t yet available to confirm if weights are trending upwards, but there is a widespread perception amongst his patients that it is.

“I think it’s just a change of routine nobody anticipated or asked for. It’s really impacted the ability for many people to do what they know is right — eat better and exercise more. They just can’t make it a part of their routine,” he said.

Practicing restraint can be difficult while spending so much time at home, which is why Dr. Brandt recommends removing temptations.

“Really, it should be fruits and vegetables and healthy choices. I think it’s hard when they are there. It’s very difficult. So I generally tell people the best to improve your diet is to not purchase the things you know you shouldn’t eat,” he said

According to Dr. Brandt, exercise is as important as ever as well. Though gyms are closed and the rainy season has begun, outdoor exercise is still possible and safe.

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