Maybe it’s not knowing the facts, maybe it’s as simple as not finding a ride.

There are a lot of reasons why people are deciding not to get a COVID vaccine.

Here on JET 24 Action News we continue to give you the voices the black, brown, and Latino communities on their thoughts on the COVID vaccine.

Some people say a history of human experimentation in the black, brown and Latino communities makes them skeptical.

Others argue that this time the vaccine is being given to everyone regardless of race.

With the history of black, brown, and Latino communities including human experimentation, some skepticism is inevitable.

“It’s kind of validated to feel this way so we’re more on the we’ll wait and see how other people react before we’re going to do it,” said Jasmine Flores, Activist, City of Erie.

Flores is a medical assistant. She said that she understands why some people may feel skeptical about the vaccine.

She is healthy and trusts medical experts but is going to wait to get vaccinated.

“So for me, it’s just like I’m waiting. There are other people who need the vaccine before me because they are high risk,” said Flores.

Some people said to listen to the facts not just the myths.

“It is important that we now move towards healing and some type of solution for COVID,” said Lamont Higginbottom, Pastor of Second Baptist Church.

Higginbottom is a pastor at Second Baptist Church. He received the first dose of the vaccine.

Higginbottom believes that many people should do their research and not put their faith in what they hear and see on Social Media.

“There’s a lot of bad information out there and it doesn’t help because there’s already a sense of fear in our community,” said Higginbottom.

So what can those who may be hesitant in taking the vaccine should keep in mind?

“But I think you listening to your body and you’re asking the experts the right kind of questions along with taking care of yourself would generally make a good educational guess,” said Flores.

Higginbottom and Flores said that they hope many people can listen to the experts and do more research if feeling skeptical.

But all the health experts agree getting beyond this pandemic will take most everyone getting a shot.

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