October 16, 2021

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How Euan Blair dodged the curse of Prime Ministers’ children

My God! Can Euan Blair really be worth £73 million? That’s even more than his moneybags dad, Tony, who’s got a mere £60 million to his name. Master Blair has made the money out of his apprenticeship company, Multiverse, which promotes an alternative to the university system his father championed as Prime Minister. How time flies. Surely it was only yesterday that little Euan made headlines after being found “drunk and incapable” in Leicester Square after celebrating the end of his GCSEs? That was in 2000, when Euan was 16 – he’s now 37 and the CEO of a tech start-up that’s just been valued at £147 million. His success is impressive both in its own right and for what it says about the Blairs’ eldest son. For he is the exception to the rule when it comes to the offspring of Prime Ministers. Usually, the huge fame of being the PM leaves ones children rather in the shade – and the list of political sons and daughters who have struggled to find their own way in life is long and tragic. In recent years, our Prime Ministers have had very young children in Number 10 – David Cameron, Gordon Brown and, of course, Boris Johnson, whose son, Wilfred, is eight months old. Their youth means they haven’t been adversely affected by life in Downing Street, while privacy laws stopped them being photographed – meaning they will be able to go about everyday life unrecognised. Harder, though, for the oldest Blairs, who were approaching their teens when their father won in 1997. That said, I am told that Euan is popular among the Silicon Roundabout crowd, many of whom don’t know who his father is. He apparently networks seamlessly, and his latest round of investment – £32 million, led by American venture capital firm General Catalyst, which previously backed Snapchat and Deliveroo – speaks to that. Multiverse will open a New York office later this month, and there are plans to hire 200 employees across the UK this year. Not bad for a business Euan co-founded in 2016, after a stint at American bank Morgan Stanley. His venture capitalist wife, Suzanne Ashman, who he married in 2013, moves in similar circles. The couple live in a £3.6 million townhouse in Marylebone, near Tony’s London home in Connaught Square, bought for £3.5 million in 2004, and into which Tony and Cherie moved when he stood down as PM in 2007. It is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Blair empire. Cherie has been keen to do well out of property since 1997, when her husband came to power. She allegedly regretted selling their handsome Islington house for £615,000 (today, it’s worth over £3 million). Since then, the family has made up for lost time, building up a £35 million portfolio of 39 homes and flats. Tony and Cherie own a mammoth £10 million pile in Buckinghamshire, formerly John Gielgud’s house, as well as a London mews house, worth £1.7 million. Cherie and Euan co-own 31 flats in Manchester and Stockport. Euan’s younger brother Nicky, 36, a football agent, has a £2.75 million London house. His sister, Kathryn, a 32-year-old barrister, owns two London houses – one bought for £1.4 million in 2015, another in 2018 for £2.4 million. Leo – the baby famously conceived at Balmoral – is now 20 and at Oxford. He is co-owner, with Kathryn, of an £800,000 home near his parents’ Buckinghamshire pile.

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