October 19, 2021

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Cheyenne health officials offer safety tips for Sunday’s big game

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Local health officials advise that those planning on participating in Sunday’s football festivities take some precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

CLCHD Executive Director, Kathy Emmons said, “We got really lucky with Christmas and New Years and we didn’t get the super spreader events we were worried about. I just think it’s really important with the Super Bowl to have a good Super Bowl- but not a super spreader.”

Some important tips that are offered include: keeping gatherings small to allow for appropriate social distancing when possible, hosting the party outdoors or leaving a window open to allow for fresh airflow, selecting a designated person to serve food or bring your own food and always remember to wash your hands and wear a mask when possible.

“We all have to do our part to slow the spread of what’s going on. Socially distance and physically distance. You can still be social but we just ask that you maintain your physical distance,” said Kasandra Moloney, Chief of Operations for American Medical Response Cheyenne.

If you would like more safety tips, there is a Press Release from AMR below.

“(CHEYENNE) — This year’s football season has been unlike any other in history, and with the big game fast-approaching, American Medical Response (AMR) Cheyenne cautions Laramie County residents against gathering with fellow football fans to watch the game.

“While the Super Bowl is a celebrated American past-time, we still find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic, and small gatherings are a big contributor to community spread, “said Kasandra Moloney, Operations Chief for AMR Cheyenne. “It is important that when making plans for your game day celebration, you consider how you can best keep your friends, family and community healthy and safe.”

AMR offers these tips for planning a fun and safe Super Bowl party.

  • Schedule a virtual watch party. In-person gatherings with family or friends from different households pose a big risk. Instead, host a watch party online with your fellow football fans.
  • Host a household celebration. Rather than inviting guests to your home to watch the big game, opt to just watch with members of your household.

If you do decide to invite guests to your game day gathering, AMR recommends taking as many precautions as possible.

  • Evaluate the risk. If you have someone living in your home who is at greater risk for contracting COVID-19, you should reconsider hosting a gathering. Also, reconsider your plans if you reside in an area currently experiencing a surge in cases, will be traveling to a high-risk community, or have invited guests from a high-risk community.
  • Limit the number of attendees. By keeping your guest list small, you allow people to maintain 6ft of social distance. Also consider the habits of those you are inviting. Individuals who do not consistently adhere to social distancing guidelines, mask use, handwashing and other preventative behaviors pose a greater risk to you and your family.
  • Opt for outdoors. If the weather permits, host your celebration outdoors and ask guests to observe social distancing and mask use guidelines.
  • Increase ventilation. If you must host guests in your home, open the windows and doors or place central air and heating systems on continuous circulation.
  • Discourage direct contact and encourage handwashing. Guests should be discouraged from shaking hands or hugging and encouraged to practice frequent handwashing or hand sanitization.
  • Limit your time together. The longer your gathering, the greater the risk. If exposed to someone with COVID-19, even with 6 feet of distance, for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more greatly increases your risk of contracting the virus and requires a period of self-isolation.
  • Skip the potluck. Encourage your guests to bring their own food and drinks for members of their household. If you do decide to serve dinner, have one person be the designated server so that multiple people are not handling serving utensils.

The more of these precautions you follow, the safer your game-day gathering will be. However, the safest measure is always to limit your celebration to just members of your household.”

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