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Botanika Life Launches a Holistic CBD-Infused Skincare and Wellness Collection

MIAMI, Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Botanika Life, a new Miami-based CBD-focused lifestyle brand, created by Israeli-born, American businessman and mogul Benny Shabtai (Originator and President of Raymond Weil USA), launches a collection of CLEAN & SAFE, all natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan beauty, wellness and relief products. The sustainably sourced Botanika Life collection features 100% U.S. grown and processed hemp products that provide a myriad of benefits to the body, mind, and skin.

“It is our mission to help heal the mind, body, and soul with a collection of the best products for those that live an active and healthy lifestyle,” says CEO, Benny Shabtai. “Botanika Life exists to empower people when making alternative, and altogether more positive choices when it comes to wellness from the inside out.”

Botanika Life cements its entrance into the lifestyle & wellness market with products intended to support active consumers ranging from the CBD enthusiast to someone experiencing CBD for the first time. The curated portfolio features clean & safe skin elixirs, topicals for pain relief, a sleep and immune boost spray duo, and a variety of bath soaks amongst other skincare and wellness creations.

More specifically the assorted collection includes The CBD Jet Pack which incorporates a Vitamin C + Zinc Immune Spray and Sleep Spray with Melatonin + Magnesium which will be every jetsetter’s newest travel buddy. The multi-purpose trio of skincare elixirs, the Plant Stem Cell + Marula, Vitamin C + Squalane and the Elite Elixir, are infused with a delightful blend of nutrient dense, plant-based oils featuring silky-smooth textures that help to brighten, firm and stimulate the skin. For those penetrating tough aches and pains, the Pain Relief Roll-on, Super Soothing Pain Serum and Ultra-Relief Pain Rub all blended with lidocaine and menthol, will soothe muscle soreness and ease joint discomfort. CBD Stress Ball bath soak which restores balance, relaxes the body and soothes the soul, coming in calming aromas of eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood and coconut lime.

Botanika Life’s inaugural line exemplifies the brand’s socially conscious approach to the industry and commitment to creating products that are paraben and sulfate free, vegan, and absent of any ingredients that utilize animal-testing. Further, all packaging is designed to be biodegradable, helping to reduce the environmental impact and support sustainability goals. Botanika Life conducts rigorous third-party laboratory testing, quality control and provides clear and detailed certificates of authenticity. Each product formula is evaluated through clinical testing according to cosmetic industry standards. Every product also features traceable lot codes allowing customers to review product Certificates of Analysis (COA).

For more information, or to purchase Botanika Life products, visit BotanikaLife.com or @botanikalife

About the Botanika Brand

Botanika Life has a wide array of products catering to an active & healthy lifestyle. Botanika Life improves what already works by bringing in Natures’ miracle ingredient, CBD, & making it that much better for the consumer as well as redefining the Beauty and Wellness industries.

About Benny Shabtai

Benny Shabtai is an Israeli-born, American businessman. For over thirty years, Shabtai was the Founder and President of Raymond Weil USA, one of the most recognized and best-selling global luxury watch brands in the world. His marketing foresight was like no other’s and helped him secure Raymond Weil’s place on Madison Avenue alongside Cartier, Rolex and Bulgari. After the sale of Raymond Weil, Shabtai dove into the tech space with a splash, selling VoIP & IM software, Viber. In the late 2017, Shabtai was introduced to the CBD world by his wife, Mrs. Globe, and nutritionist giving him CBD oil drops of 500mg. Little did he know a few drops under his tongue would change his outlook on life. After using CBD for a week, his blood pressure regulated, and his sugar levels evened out. This led Benny to cut his prescribed medication by half, resulting in a major reduction of inflammation and joint pain. He was extremely excited about it and spoke to his doctor about the amazing benefits he had experienced and decided to become a part of the CBD industry to help others better their lives as well. A couple of months later, Shabtai formed a CBD company called Botanika Life in which he partnered with three renowned chemists to produce amazing hair, sleep, pain, wellness and beauty products that work! Shabtai continues to expand his lifestyle brand.

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