December 5, 2021

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Best cold press juicers for 2021

New Year is the perfect time to start a healthy eating regime, and a cold press juicer is the ideal investment to help you kick off the new routine.

The best cold press juicers will extract more nutrients from your fruit and vegetables and, while you may have to wait longer than your usual juicer, you’ll be rewarded with a more nutritious smoothie and beautiful, vibrant colours.

So why are cold press juices healthier? Because there’s no heat in the juicing process, which means natural vitamins don’t break down or degrade – ensuring you get the good-for-you ingredients you’re after. There’s less oxidation and better nutrient retention.

Traditional (or centrifugal) juicers add heat to the extraction process, which is admittedly quicker but doesn’t preserve the vitamins and minerals as well as a cold-press masticating method. Making your own juices is not only healthier than buying them, but cheaper overall, too.

So, join stars like Jennifer Aniston and Adele on a juicing journey to boost your wellness for 2021 and discover our round up of the best cold press juicers below. Fresh OJ, anyone?

Best cold press juicers for 2021

1. Sage The Nutri Juicer Cold BJE430SIL Juicer

Start your health kick now with this cold press juicer for delicious green smoothies.

The nifty machine has a built-in pulp container, which efficiently collects waste pulp inside, and also as a resealable jug that you can pop in the fridge so your juices last longer.

It boasts a two-litre capacity, and the jug is dishwasher-friendly. Hooray.

One customer said: “I wanted to buy a good juicer and after reading all of the reviews and doing some research I opted for this product. I know it was a little more expensive but after using it I have not been disappointed at all. It’s an easy product to set up and used. The juice tastes amazing and so fresh and with the large jug you can make enough for a few servings. This is so easy to clean and everything fits into the dishwasher easily. Highly recommended.”

Price: £199, – buy here now

2. Aicok Masticating Cold Press Juicer

This Amazon bestseller is a versatile cold press juicer that will fit into any contemporary kitchen.

Easy to use and clean, it’s dishwasher-safe and extremely quiet. It offers flavoursome drinks with a high juice yield and nutritional value, from wheatgrass to celery and carrot juice.

One happy customer said: “I have owned a much more expensive slow juicer before this model and I am very impressed with the performance, especially considering the reasonable pricing.

“It juices everything from fine leafy greens to carrots, oranges and beets with ease. Super-easy to assemble and clean, although the filter needs a little scrub to ensure all pulp residue is washed off properly. The juicer comes with a little brush that makes this job easy.”

Price: £109.99, Amazon – buy here now

3. Picberm Cold Press Juicer

Preserve those nutrients, vitamins and minerals with this top-rated cold press juicer.

You can pop in everything from apples and kiwis to wheatgrass, celery and lettuce. It’s easy to assemble as well as being dishwasher-friendly.

The chute is smaller than some, so may require a little chopping before feeding the fruit and veg through.

Price: £76.49, Amazon – buy here now

4. Nebula Grande Whole Fruit Cold Press Slow Masticating Juicer

In a rush? There’s no chopping and peeling needed with this cold press juicer thanks to the super-wide chute.

The machine doesn’t use any blades and doesn’t generate any heat, just a powerful squeezing action to extract as much juice as possible without any waste.

You can choose between two strainers for different finishes; with the Fine Juice Strainer, you get a smooth pulp free juice; but if you like your juice rich and pulpy or just fancy a smoothie, try the Fibre Boost Strainer. A

Price: £149.99, Amazon – buy here now

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5. Fridja Store Masticating Juicer

This on-trend matte-black cold press juicer is perfect for a modern or industrial-style kitchen.

The low-noise juicer is easy to operate and has a large tilting feeder to ensure minimal waste and less preparation time (yep, you can feed in whole fruits). The cold press juicer is good for compact kitchens with a one litre jug, which comes with a cleaning brush. Whether you fancy juices or nut butter, nut milk or even fruity ice creams and sorbets, it’s got you covered.

There’s also a handy sieve so you can decide if you want pulp bits in or out.

Price: £117.31, Amazon – buy here now

6. Sage Nutri Juicer Cold XL

Okay, this is not officially a cold press juicer, it’s a centrifugal but, stick with us, because if you’re willing to splash out, you can get all the nutrition a masticating juicer can offer with a quicker turnaround.

So, what is this magic? It boasts cold spin technology that ensures an insignificant temperature increase, less than 1°C, and so protects the nutrients. Juicing on the quiet setting also reduces mechanical noise by 40%.

The large chute also shortens prep time and reduces oxidisation as you can juice whole fruit and vegetables. So what do the customers say? One reviewer said: “Really happy with this, consumes whole apples, ice cubes and ginger root like they were water. Feels really solid and well made. The longest part of the operation is cleaning afterwards but that’s less than 5 minutes and worth it.”

Price: £319, John Lewis – buy here now

7. Cirago Cold Press Slow Masticating Juicer

Extract more nutrients from your smoothies with this cold press juicer that will help boost your immunity and promote good digestion.

Chop your vegetables before popping them through the chute and, when you’re done, a one-button assemble design allows you to take it apart and pop dirty pieces in the dishwasher.

One happy customer said: “Such a clever machine… the only fruit you have to peel are oranges, lemons or any other hard skin fruit or veg, the rest you can just chuck in and it separates the juice from the fibres without losing that lovely juicy consistency.”

Price: £99.99, Amazon – buy here now

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