October 16, 2021

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Fit And Go Forward

BEAMER: America under stress | News

I am sure you watched the deplorable storming of the Capitol. I am appalled and heartbroken that the discourse in the nation came to this. Those who took criminal action need to meet their consequences.

I listened to a virtual seminar about the Missouri Compromise for January’s report by the 2021 Missouri Bicentennial. One of the history experts talked about how during that period, neighbor to neighbor wouldn’t know if they wanted to keep slavery legal or abolish slavery. 

A few short hours later, the capital experienced the acts that disrupted the lawmakers to count the presidential race’s electoral votes. The thoughts and feelings in my gut were the same as the day the planes hit the tower: hollow, empty, disbelief, panic, vomit-inducing horror. Both events were crimes against our democracy.

The Compromise attitudes on slavery and these events of last week are similar regarding neighbors who pick different sides. Many people are very vocal about their support for President Trump or President-elect Biden. Others won’t state their opinion because they are afraid that lifelong relationships will break over a difference of opinion. Now, rioters’ acts leave America wondering what’s next?

What happened to the rule of law? What happened to agree to disagree? Lively dinner conversation about politics becomes more difficult as issues become polar opposites.

Let’s move forward and heal the nation.

The stress of last week and confusion of all the facts makes me want ice cream. Ice cream is one of the top stress relievers for me.

Ice cream is my special treat when my glucose is stable and the numbers on the low side. Sherbet is like a best friend, while ice cream with no sugar added is a mean girl from high school. Then regular old Hiland Dairy ice cream with the high-fat content, added sugar and exotic flavors are the bad boys you dated in college. It was great for the date, but don’t give out the phone number. A regular menu of bad boys cannot be tolerated every day.

I had neighbors in St. Louis who fed ice cream to their children every day. Steve and Brenda didn’t buy a gallon of 2 percent or whole milk. They used dry boxed milk and mixed it up for cooking. 

The only daily food they needed milk for was the morning cereal. Imagine getting up every morning to a bowl of cornflakes with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle, with a bit of mixed powdered milk. I think most kids would rush to the breakfast table every morning.

Then, I’m a little jealous of Dallas County’s famous Nyberg Diet. As long as I’ve known Donna Nyberg Moriarty, she has ice cream in the freezer. In the Nyberg Diet, the participant’s nightcap is a bowl of ice cream. Moreover, they are healthy and happy. They maintain a good weight. Even my brother-in-law eats ice cream whenever he wants, huge bowls.

I’ve watched Donna eat ice cream since we were students at Dallas County R-1 Schools. She would invite friends over to jump on the trampoline on lazy summer days. My favorite part of those afternoons was eating the ice cream treats.

We didn’t see each other for several years when I moved away for university and married. I came home one weekend from St. Louis and went to Donna’s home for a visit. Sure enough, that girl was still eating ice cream and made bowls for all her children before bed. From that night, I adopted calling eating ice cream the Nyberg Diet.

It’s been a mind-boggling week — treat yourself to a scoop.

Joy Beamer is a senior staff at the Buffalo Reflex. She will have to add ice cream to her grocery list. Chunky Monkey is sounding pretty good.

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