IDAHO — August typically means the start of school for students across the country, and for many families, it’s just the boost they need to restart healthy habits.

August is a perfect time to do so as it’s also Kids Eat Right Month.

“Kids Eat Right Month is really just focusing on encouraging balanced meals for kids and their families and encouraging that healthy, active lifestyle,” says Molly Tevis, a registered dietitian with Albertsons.

Tevis says as kids grow, their nutritional needs change, but there are still some basics families should try to remember as they plan out their meals.

“We want to balance it out based on what they’re going to eat, one. Two, also what they need to stay healthy and do really well throughout the school year so encouraging foods from a variety of different food groups. I always recommend having them help pick it out. That’ll help them be more inclined to eat it and actually consume it at lunchtime.”

An easy way to make sure kids are eating a balanced lunch they actually enjoy is by taking family favorites and tweaking them for on-the-go.

“Don’t just start out with all new foods for lunch that maybe come home the exact way that you packed it. Maybe pack some of those new foods with their favorites and they’re more apt to try it,” suggests Tevis.

Some recipe ideas you can try for your family could include reimagined dinner staples or fixing up your dinner leftovers:

For more inspiration, click here or head into your local Albertsons.

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