October 25, 2021

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Ann Arbor couple launches ‘Paleoh’s,’ a paleo-friendly cereal

ANN ARBOR, MI — They wanted a quick, but healthy and filling breakfast.

Ann Arbor couple Kris and Viviana Lunde sought to create a breakfast that would not require extra cooking time in the morning for adults and children. They went back and forth with the idea of creating cereal, which initially started as a joke. However, after running pre-orders in the last couple of months in 2020, demand was too high to manage for their “Paleoh’s” cereal.

“We both eat healthy. We try to eat paleo and we had an idea throughout the summer of having difficulties cooking for ourselves everyday and trying to find ways to make eating healthier easier,” Kris Lunde said. “We really wanted cereal and jokingly thought about how crazy it was starting a cereal company. We loved the name Paleoh’s.”

The two found a gap in the market for a paleo-friendly cereal after only coming across paleo granolas. They found keto-friendly cereals that contained dairy products. But because Lunde and several people in his circle have dairy allergies, he wanted to specifically bring a product catered to them.

The paleo diet is free of grains, processed sugars and dairy, Lunde said, and focuses on meat, vegetables, fish, eggs and other whole foods.

“We did pre-orders through the new year and we’re officially launching soon,” Lunde said. “We’ve been struggling keeping up with demand through friends and family.”

The Lunde’s plan to officially launch their website orders on Tuesday, Jan. 19 with subscription sales but customers will also be able to find their products at the Arbor Farms Market in Ann Arbor.

“We’re definitely looking for different partners in Ann Arbor. Right now, we’re focused on our website, too. We’re going to try to discount local delivery and do free local delivery in Ann Arbor. We want to provide a contact-free delivery,” Lunde said. “I think with the pandemic, bringing cereal to your doorstep is something we want to be able to provide to our customers.”

The cereal is very “nutrient dense” to keep people full, Lunde said. It contains almond flour, maple syrup as the main sweetener, coconut oil, eggs and arrowroot starch.

“It’s really kid-approved,” Lunde said.

Despite several businesses closing in the area due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lunde found that an e-commerce venture was viable, considering people are shopping online or opting for deliveries.

“In a lot of ways, the pandemic has helped us with that in terms of being able to say, ‘OK, people are ordering groceries online,’ Lunde said. “It’s been interesting to the grocery market. It’s really given us the idea because we know there’s so many parents right now and people trying to bring healthy food to their kids and they don’t have time to make eggs every morning.”

The Lunde’s work out of Proud Mitten Shared Kitchen in Plymouth to produce the products. Their goal is to eventually provide pop-ups in the area and sell their products in coffee shops and restaurants.

More information about their products is available online.

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