October 17, 2021

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7 Ways To Stop Cavities From Getting Worse!

It’s a tiny hole in the tooth that gradually expands as time progresses. If you are facing a problem with cavities, you are likely wondering whether it needs to be tended to right away, whether it will get worse, if it will stagnate, or possibly even improve in condition. If you are having cavities in your tooth, an emergency dentist in Melbourne will help you to get rid of your cavities. This decay happens when acid consumes the protecting enamel on the teeth, as shortly as the enamel is removed, the cavity can gradually eat the tooth until it hits the blood vessels and nerves within the tooth. However, you can be protective and do some things to prevent your cavity from worsening at a rapid pace. 

  1. Brush the tooth with care: 

Brushing teeth daily is vital for tooth and gum health. If you already have a cavity, it still makes sense to brush at least two times per day to help prevent the formation of even more cavities. 

  1. Hydration will help prevent additional cavities: 

A dry mouth can allow the buildup of bacteria that cause cavities, consuming a volume of water will keep your mouth moist and help prevent additional cavities from forming. 

  1. Fluoride treatment:

It helps in preventing bacterias from multiplying within the mouth. To make teeth as strong as possible fluoride remineralizes enamel. Pinpointing a cavity in the early stages and applying a fluoride treatment will slow the decay, the cavity will gradually worsen across the long haul until it is removed and the remaining space is filled. 

  1. Saltwater rinses might help: 

As you already know saltwater has antiseptic properties. Oral health doctors also recommended patients use saltwater when a wound or infection is present in the mouth. Saltwater has the capability to destroy bacteria that leads to the formation of cavities, swish with salt water as soon as you find out you have a cavity and it just might slow its expansion. 

  1. Avoid refined sugar:

You should avoid consuming sugary beverages or foods after you find out you have a cavity. Cavities burned by acid-generating bacteria will only continue to expand if surrounded by the acid in sugar. You can also clean your teeth with floss and toothpaste in an attempt to slow the rate of tooth decay. 

  1. Xylitol gum:

It can do all sorts of good things for your mouth, Xylitol is a type of natural alcohol that helps destroy bacteria and ward off infections. To prevent the formation of cavities chew Xylitol gum following snacks and meals. However, Xylitol gum will not reverse the decay, once you have a cavity. 

  1. Use mouthwash: 

Bacteria fighting ingredients contained in mouthwash that blast away leftover plaque, food, and germs while you rinse. To ensure that you are rising correctly, be sure to read the mouthwash label before using it. If your alcoholic mouthwash burns and makes you uncomfortable, consider switching to an alcohol-free formula. So you should get a habit of using mouthwash every time you brush your teeth for a cleaner mouth and fresh breath.