December 6, 2021

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6 Things Real Hairstylists Would Never Do to Their Own Hair

We always ask hairstylists about what to do with our own hair, but have you ever wondered how they treat theirs? We polled six top pros on their personal grooming habits (so we can maybe steal a few).

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1. Forgo brushing

“I never skip brushing my hair. It’s super important to brush it out daily because otherwise it gets knotty, which can lead to breakage and split-ends.” Cristina B, Senior Stylist at Rita Hazan

2. Skip hair masks

“I would never do a strong Brazilian blowout or other Keratin treatment, which fries the hair. Also, I swim often and tend to wash my hair more frequently than I’d like so I always use a treatment mask after every shampoo. It makes my hair feel healthy and not crispy like cotton candy. It has elasticity and shine like it did when I was a kid.” Sharon Dorram, celebrity hair colorist

3. Use heat on damp hair

“I would never use hot tools when my hair isn’t 100 percent dry. It is so damaging. And I would never sleep on regular cotton pillowcases because most fabrics pull moisture from the hair and create friction while you’re sleeping, which can cause frizz and breakage. I only use the Hollywood Solution silk pillowcases because they keep my hair smooth and make blowouts last longer.” Justine Marjan, celebrity hairstylist

4. Forget to exfoliate

“I never skip exfoliating my scalp. I really believe in it—especially for people who don’t wash frequently like me. I use a gommage treatment every four days.” Jennifer Yepez, celebrity hairstylist

5. Rely on sulfates and silicones

I’m a crazy man when it comes to shampoo. I would rather not shampoo my hair for days than use one that’s jam-packed with ingredients that coat your hair, like sulfates and silicones. These ingredients are designed to leave a residue behind, which clouds your color and have even been linked to hair loss, which is one thing I don’t mess around with. A shampoo should gently cleanse your hair—and that’s it! I’ve even been known to messenger shampoo to my hotel when traveling if I forget mine at home. My go-to is the Color Wow Color Security Shampoo. It’s a crystal-clear formula with a great lather that removes all of the buildup other products leave behind, while protecting your hair and hair color.Joseph Maine, celebrity hairstylist

6. Forget to protect hair before brushing

“I never brush wet hair without using some sort of leave-in product on it first. Otherwise it will snag and break. It’s a hugely important step even if you just put it on the ends.” Carolyn Aronson, hairstylist and CEO and founder of It’s a 10 Haircare

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