If you’re in charge of making the appetizers for dinner this week, or you signed up to bring finger foods for a party or holiday dinner you’re attending, you’re going to need some ideas. You could choose to bring plain old chips and store-bought salsa, but why not switch it up and opt for some healthy appetizers? And before you shake your head, healthy doesn’t have to equate to boring. There are so many ways to eat healthy while still bringing in robust flavors.

The most important part of cooking appetizers is making sure they’re filling enough to tide your guests over until the next course, or if you’re planning a party, that they’re tasty enough for everyone to go back for seconds. The easiest approach to cooking healthy appetizers is to incorporate vegetables, but with finesse. Roasting and seasoning them is the key to turning bland veggies into vibrant, fun appetizers that will please everyone. But if you’re more interested in healthy appetizers that aren’t just vegetables, there’s an array of options for you to choose from too. The secret is to combine your vegetables with other ingredients to get the best of both worlds. From ham and spinach pizza and pecan stuffed mushrooms to deviled eggs made with beets, these healthy appetizers will keep everyone coming back for more.

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