The Minimalist Baby Registry Guidelines

The Minimalist Baby Registry Guidelines

The on-line sequence has five straightforward-to-digest, easy-to-relate-to chapters—C-Sections, Midwives, Biological Clock, Surrogacy, and Discrimination. An wonderful primer for anybody about to enter parenthood. In this study, 399 couples expecting their first baby have been randomly assigned to both the intervention — the Family Foundations prevention program — or a control group — literature mailed to […]

Lifestyle changes to manage menopause symptoms

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The average healthy woman begins menopause at 51, though some women will begin in their 40s or in their late 50s. It’s a natural biological process that marks the time a woman ends her menstrual cycle. Mood swings, hot flashes and...

How Bad Is Eating Moldy Bread? Here’s What Happens

Choosing a healthy loaf of bread—like those deliciously seedy sprouted options—is always a great idea: they’re loaded with better-for-you ingredients that up your daily protein intake and help you cut down on sugar. The only problem? Since they contain fewer...