October 15, 2021

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20 Tips for Storing Produce Properly During the Pandemic

Staying at home in the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic, whether we’re under quarantine or simply because we’re sheltering in place, we have plenty to worry about — avoiding the coronavirus, most of all, of course. Another very real concern, though, now that meals out in restaurants in many states are off the table, is feeding ourselves.

Whether we’re suiting up with masks and gloves and braving the supermarket in person or having food delivered, it makes sense to minimize contact with those who supply us with our groceries. Part of what that means is that not wasting food once we have it is more important than ever. This involves shopping wisely to begin with. We should all know how to buy food for a 14-day quarantine and how not to.

But what about all the fresh, colorful, healthy produce — the fruits and vegetables that should be part of everyone’s daily diet? Should they stay out on the counter or go into the fridge? Should they be stored in plastic or paper bags or neither? How will they ripen fastest and/or retain the most flavor? How can we stave off spoilage — an important consideration because some foods spoil faster than you’d think.

24/7 Tempo has collected advice from a variety of knowledgeable sources on how to best store 20 kinds of fruit and vegetables.

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