You love your makeup, but you also want to stay safe by wearing a face mask when out in public, which can totally mess with your look. Talk about a dilemma!

It looks like the masks could be with us for a while, but makeup isn’t something we’re willing to give up! We all want to look great when the mask comes off, so here are 10 tips for wearing makeup with a face mask during Covid-19.

1. Make Skin Care a Top Priority

The most accomplished makeup artists in the world know that skincare is the No.1 way to get that healthy, vibrant glow. Makeup is a fun and effective tool to highlight our best features, but proper skincare should always be our central focus, especially in times like these.

When wearing a face mask, our skin’s most sensitive areas – on the nose, cheeks, and lips – are vulnerable to irritation and friction throughout the day. Pores can become clogged, trapped moisture can cause bacteria growth, and makeup tends to only worsen these effects. This leads to the dreaded “maskne,” where people who might not break out normally are experiencing a high volume of pimples in the areas covered by the mask.

If you don’t already have a comprehensive skincare regimen in place, now is the time to tighten up your routine with the proper exfoliators, moisturizers, and occasional face masks. With the right routine, you can soothe dry and stressed out skin so that you have the best possible canvas for whatever gorgeous makeup look you’re trying next.

This isn’t to say that you should avoid makeup altogether, and we’ll get into some practical tips next, but take this opportunity to dial in your skincare for max health and cleanliness. 

2. Protect Pores With a Hydrating Primer

Regardless of the look you’ll choose to rock, you need a moisturizing multitasker to keep your skin hydrated and protect those pores underneath the mask.

We’re all guilty of fast-tracking our makeup routines to save time, but these days, you can’t afford to skip the primer. The best hydrating primers give your skin a soft feel all day long and minimize fine lines when you’re in mask mode. 

Find a primer that matches your skin type, and be sure to apply a few dabs in the morning so that the rest of your makeup has the perfect base to stick to. This is a super quick and easy step that can protect your skin and prevent any makeup mishaps. 

3. Take Time to Emphasize Your Eyes

Since face coverings need to be worn over your nose and mouth, the upper half of your face needs some extra attention in the morning, with your eyes being the central focus.

Whether you’re already an eye makeup expert or new to the game, now is a great time to level up your techniques and splurge on some items that make your eyes look amazing each day.

There’s an endless number of eye makeup options out there, but be sure to grab these basics:

  • Eyeliner liquids or pencils
  • Eyebrow tints, pencils, or shaping gels
  • Liquid eyeshadow, primers, and color palettes
  • Mascara with primers and volumizing brushes

Get used to using these tools of the trade because your eyes are now the star of the show! Experiment with different color schemes, shadows, and angles, and take things to the next level by coordinating with your face mask color and texture.

Your morning makeup session isn’t likely going to take as long, so you have a few more minutes to be creative and expressive with your eyes. 

4. Stick With Transfer-Proof or Matte Foundation

A great foundation gives us that smooth, even complexion we all desire, and longtime makeup wearers can apply it in our sleep.  

However, many of us have learned the hard way that foundation and face masks don’t mix, but you shouldn’t have to go without this key product.

To successfully wear foundation all day with a mask, you’ll need to go a bit lighter on the amount you use and select a transfer-proof product to battle any moisture that may derail your look.

Just a little bit of quality foundation goes a long way on the nose, cheeks, and chin, and you don’t need much around the eyes to get rid of redness or dark circles. Since most of your face is covered anyway, aim to be more artful and minimal with your application. 

Pick a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone and shields your skin from aggressors like pollution and blue light from digital screens. 

5. Opt for Neutral Lipstick Instead of Colors

Everyone loves bright and bold lip colors, but in 2020, your face mask will end up wearing more of your lipstick than you at the end of the day! 

Refinery 29 tells us that neutral tones are the way to go right now. When wearing a face covering, they are less likely to result in smudging and smearing. It’s a more natural look that works well with all skin types, and you can still make a statement without crazy colors.

If you’ve been skeptical of nude lipstick in the past, it’s time to embrace the style! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how effective these products can be, especially when combined with some lip gloss and a complete lip care routine. 

6. Go for the Glow with Face Oil

We’re all learning to live with a little less makeup this year, but look at the bright side: products like facial oil can give your skin a gorgeous natural glow that can’t be stopped by a mask.

Not only are face oils weightless and fast-absorbing, but the best ones are also made with 100% natural products that lift, tighten, and rejuvenate your face in a matter of minutes. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to avoid skin sabotage from face coverings.

If you aren’t sure what face oil to buy, start by looking for real ingredients you can recognize from the earth. Sunflower, Apricot Kernel, and Rose Petal are just a few things that nourish the skin and provide a huge blast of rejuvenating Vitamin C. 

Apply face oil generously before putting on your makeup in the morning, and there’s no doubt you’ll look and feel better all day long. 

7. Grab a Longwear Concealer for More Coverage

A small tube of concealer can be a real lifesaver when navigating a busy life filled with work and play, but some products just don’t hold up for very long under the pressure of a face mask.

Even if you keep your mask on for 90% of the day, you’ll want to minimize blemishes on the lower half of your face, so keep some concealer close by, just in case. 

The key here is to find a rich longwear concealer that does the heavy lifting for more than 12 hours, so you don’t have to reapply in the bathroom mirror every time to remove the mask.

With a strong yet lightweight concealer, you can confidently go mask-off at the end of the day to enjoy time with friends and loved ones. No more pit stops and subtle cameraphone inspections, just perfect, even skin without the hassle.

8. Lock in Your Look With Setting Spray

With a naturally hydrated glow from your skincare and primer, your skin will already look and feel great, but your makeup may not make it 16 hours with a clean, even surface to stick to. That’s why you need to lock in your look with a quality setting spray.

Even if you’re taking a minimal approach to your face mask makeup routine, a powerful setting spray or powder is key to maintaining your look throughout the day, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The last thing you want is to see most of your makeup rubbed off on the inside of your mask and all that hard work undone. Avoid sticky residue and make it last all day with a setting product that only adds a few seconds to your morning routine. 

Find a spray or powder that protects your makeup and skin at the same time, ideally with SPF and antioxidants that block out UV rays and any pollutants in the air. 

9. Clean and Swap Masks Frequently

No matter how perfectly you apply your makeup, an unclean face mask can mess up your whole look. Many of us wear coverings for hours a day, and they should be washed just like any other article of clothing.

At this point, you should accumulate a small collection of different face coverings to see which ones fit best and do minimal damage to your makeup. You may have noticed an entire industry of accessories take off in recent months, so get with the trend!

10. Cleanse and Remove Makeup Completely

At the end of the day, you and your skin just want to breathe deep and enjoy a deep clean in the shower or bath. Be extra vigilant about cleansing your skin and removing 100% of your makeup, even if you’re feeling lazy.

Using one cleanser at night is good, but using two is even more effective at getting off every last bit of makeup and grime that may have accumulated during the day. To double cleanse, first apply an oil-based cleansing balm to melt off that long-lasting makeup, and then follow with a more traditional cleanser. This way, your skin will be clean and prepped for any nighttime skincare products you may be applying, so you’ll be fresh-faced and ready to go the next morning.

Take a minute to assess your complexion at the end of the day and adjust your routine if breakouts or irritation persist, Vogue says

We all know the consequences of letting makeup sit overnight, and the face mask compounds that effect, so take this part of your skincare routine more seriously than ever. 


While they’re not exactly ideal for makeup lovers, face masks are just part of the deal right now. But if there’s anything we know about the makeup community, it’s that we rise to the challenge when it comes to finding new, more effective ways of getting our makeup fix! If you stick with these ten tips for getting the most long-lasting makeup possible, you’ll basically forget that you’re wearing a mask anyway because you’ll simply look that good.

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