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10 Times Claire Said Everything We Were Thinking

Claire may be one of the bluntest characters in Modern Family, but a lot of the time, it just means she is speaking the truth.

Claire Dunphy has one of the darkest senses of humor in Modern Family. She smiles when talking about death, she obsesses over scaring the lives of young children on Halloween, and she thinks scaring someone before giving them good news is the way to go. Claire says it how it is because she doesn’t know how to sugar-coat things.

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She’s as honest and raw as it comes. Claire doesn’t know how to fake her emotions because she’s too opinionated, which makes for some hilarious moments. Her honesty, however, does get her into quite a bit of trouble with her family but fans can’t deny that Claire Dunphy says everything viewers are thinking.

10 Us When Watching The SPCA Commercials

claire dunphy crying - modern family

In “Leap Day,” Claire, Alex, and Haley all have their periods at the same time. Phil and Luke are terrified and can’t deal with the emotional rollercoaster they’re about to endure, and it all started when Claire started watching a commercial for the SPCA. With Sarah McLachlan’s “In The Arms Of An Angel” playing in the background, Claire was more relatable than ever watching horrible circumstances for animals while bawling in her sweatpants.

9 Manny Does Act Wise Beyond His Years

claire talking to manny – modern family

Manny has never acted like a kid. He always conducted himself as a young adult when he wasn’t even a teenager yet. Upon meeting Manny, it was clear that his love for espresso, literature, and theater would differ from Luke’s interests. Although he and Luke were around the same age, they couldn’t be more different from each other.

In one scene, Gloria and Claire arranged a playdate between Manny and Luke but it was Claire that Manny hit it off with. After some deep conversations that were better suited for a therapy office, Claire said the obvious: “Sometimes I forget you’re only 10 years old.” Not many 10-year-olds have foam on their upper lip from their cappuccinos…

8 What Claire Says, Goes

claire dunphy arguing with phil - tbbt

Claire and Phil have a very loving and healthy relationship but she wears the pants in the family. Phil may have been the breadwinner for many years before Claire went back to work but Claire laid down the law. Claire was the bad cop and Phil was the good cop.

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There was even an episode where they tried to reverse roles and act how the other parent would act. But as one could have predicted, it ended horribly. Phil loathed making the girls clean the bathroom and making them work through lunch. Likewise, Luke and Manny hated seeing what Claire considered to be fun. It was a disaster. Both Claire and Phil should call it for what it is and face the facts: what Claire says, goes.

7 Claire Doesn’t Give In To Haley’s Dramatics

claire and haley arguing - modern family

Haley and Claire butted heads while Haley was growing up. Claire wanted Haley on a steady track in life and to make something of herself. Haley wanted the same thing for her life but went through the classic growing pains that so many parents of teenagers know too well.

Instead of Claire being offended that her daughter was being bratty and called her the “worst mother ever,” Claire said what every mother wishes they could say to their kids at the moment when tantrums get out of hand. Claire never stumbled on her comebacks when it came to her kids; she dished them out without a second thought, which is impressive.

6 Where Do All Of The Missing Pieces Go?

claire dunphy - containers and lids

Sometimes there’s a lid without a container; other times there’s a container with no matching lid. When it comes to to-go containers, they are a disaster to store and keep together for some reason. This was a very relatable parenting move on Claire’s part. As was the episode when Cam lent a Tupperware container to the Dunphys and never got it back.

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He spent the entire afternoon snooping around their kitchen hoping to find the one that got away. Everyone loves Tupperware that’s sturdy and paired nicely with its lid. Cameron and Claire were simply saying what everyone thinks while in the kitchen.

5 Who Doesn’t Love Me-Time?

claire dunphy - kid free week

If there’s one person who needs me-time in Modern Family, it’s Claire Dunphy. She is so tightly wound and judgmental that if she doesn’t have a moment to herself, she snaps at those around her. And considering she spends most of her days with her family, she’s bound to snap at her family members, which never ends well. Come to think of it, out of all the characters, it’s the Pritchett clan (Jay, Claire, and Mitchell) who need alone time more often than the others. Gloria, Phil, and Cameron are such warm and sociable people. It’s the Pritchetts that would do anything for “a couple of days carved out for mama.”

4 Claire Knows How To Party

claire and phil talking to arvin - modern family

Aside from Phil and her kids, there are two things Claire loves most: wine and organization. In later seasons of Modern Family, Claire is seen with a wine glass in her hand in more scenes than not. She even recommends day drinking to Haley when Andy proposed to Beth. For Claire, having a glass of wine after a hard day at work or on a Saturday afternoon is all about balance. She deserves to cool off after how hard she works.

3 Not A Care In The World

claire tried to care - modern family

There comes a time in every parents’ life where they simply don’t care about their kids’ arguments anymore. Haley and Alex fought every day over nonsensical things. If Claire worried every single time her daughters got into an altercation, it would be Claire’s full-time job policing them. In this scene, her kids are calling her name after getting into a disagreement with each other and Claire says what every parent dares to say “Stop… Uh sorry, I tried to care.”

2 Is Phil Creepy?

claire calling phil creepy - modern family

It’s hard to find a Modern Family fan who dislikes Phil. He’s so energetic and caring that even his annoying moments aren’t seen as annoying. He always tries to make things light and fun. However, there are times where Phil’s desire for romance borders on the creepy.

While the family was vacationing in Hawaii, Phil was trying to turn the week into a late honeymoon for him and Claire. Claire, however, told him that as a mother of three kids, a vacation is a business trip. That didn’t stop Phil from trying to turn the heat up between them. Leave it to Claire to ignore his flirtation and break it to him honestly.

1 A Woman’s Gotta Do What A Woman’s Gotta Do

claire drinking wine - modern family

Claire loves a glass of wine. It’s sometimes the only way she’s able to get through uncomfortable moments at family functions. (It’s also her way of making family parties fun.)

In one episode, however, Claire showed how much she needed a good night’s sleep by adding a little bit of NyQuil to her glass of wine (which is not recommended by healthcare professionals). Unfortunately for Claire, her sleepy-time medication didn’t help her during the day when she had an important business meeting to go to on behalf of her father.

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