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10 Most Questionable Parenting Choices In The Simpsons

The Simpsons’ Homer and Marge often have the best interests of their children in mind, but they also make all kinds of questionable parental choices.

The animated television sensation The Simpsons is known for hilarious and outlandish storylines. It is often referenced for its vulgar and shocking innuendos, and the series isn’t something that most people would consider “family-friendly.” Homer and Marge Simpson make some questionable parenting decisions with their children Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. It is safe to say that they do not always get the whole parenting thing right.

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Homer especially tends to fail at the dad gig. If he were a real-life person and not an animated character, we are not sure he would even still have custody of the children! He and Marge make plenty of missteps, but these ten are undeniably the most questionable parenting choices.

10 They Air Their Issues Out In Front Of The Kids

Homer’s poor parenting is abundantly clear in so many episodes, but Marge’s questionable choices present, too, although they are not as outward and obvious. One questionable parenting move that Marge Simpson tends to engage in is she partakes in airing out adult issues in front of the kids.

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All parents disagree and bicker around or near their children from time to time, but Marge and Homer never seem to remove themselves before starting in on one another. Marge can become condescending towards Homer, especially when her sisters get involved in a bit of Homer-bashing, which might account for how the kids treat him.

9 Homer Squandered Away The Family’s Christmas Money

One year, Marge and Homer find that they are low on cash going into the holiday season. Instead of working twice as hard at their jobs or cutting back on finances to save a few pennies, Homer decides that he can double down and win big by betting all that they have on a dog race. Oh man, if there was ever a dicey and questionable move by a parent, this is it. He lost the family’s money, but he did end up gaining a puppy for the family.

8 Marge Can Be Too Overzealous In Her Beliefs

A good parent often strives for balance, and swinging from one extreme to another is not the best move when it comes to raising sound and well-rounded children. Marge forgot this when she decided to lobby against sugar, going so far as to the stuff banned from the entire town of Springfield. It wasn’t her best move, and she might have tried to teach healthy habits and moderation instead of going in such an extreme direction.

7 Homer Used Bart To Milk Money Out Of His Boss

Remember when Homer’s boss, Mr. Burns, hit a young Bart Simpson with his car? He tried to offer the family one hundred dollars to make the incident go away quietly, but Homer saw an opportunity here. He forced his son to exaggerate his injuries in a court of law in hopes of a larger payout from Burns. Having your child lie in court is a terrible parenting choice, no matter how badly your family needs the cash.

6 Marge Didn’t Set An Example For Acceptance And Equality

One cornerstone of healthy parenting is to teach children to accept others, regardless of their orientation, race, or otherwise. Marge made a questionable parenting move when she discovered that her own sister was a lesbian, and she didn’t accept her.

Patty revealed that she preferred women, and Marge was none too pleased over it. It would have been a better parenting move to accept Patty as she was and allow her children to see and emulate such acceptance.

5 Creating Competition In Their Children

A bit of healthy competition among siblings isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Homer takes the concept to questionable levels when he puts Lisa and Bart against each other in the ice rink. The prize for the best player is, of course, Homer’s love. Kids should never have to duke it out with the family to feel like they are cared for. Homer’s sibling rivalry game is a questionable parenting move that, thankfully, his children saw past.

4 Letting The Kids Around Patty And Selma

Marge spends a lot of time with her two twin sisters, Patty and Selma, and the children are often in tow. Patty and Selma often speak ill of Homer, and it is clear they are the farthest thing from being members of his fan club. While the sisters bash Homer, the kids are often in earshot.

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While the two are busy telling Marge all that is wrong with his children’s father, they are continuously puffing away on cigarettes. It is safe to say that exposing young lungs to toxic smoke is not a great parenting move Marge.

3 Homer’s Excessive Drinking

Homer loves to unwind with a beer… or several. We often see him pound a can of his favorite lager and then let out a gigantic belch. Homer also spends quite a bit of time down at Moe’s tavern, languishing about with the other doles in town. While there is nothing wrong with allowing kids to witness the occasional beverage, Homer frequently takes his habits to a place of excessiveness in front of his children.

2 Marge Ignores Homer’s Troubling Qualities

The major issue with Marge and his parenting skills is that she is ever turning a blind eye. Sure, she gets hot under the collar when Homer really goes too far, but, more times than not, she seems indifferent to his sub-par parenting moves. Marge often stands by as her husband makes one poor decision after another. She should certainly take a stronger stance in the home, especially regarding the kids’ welfare.

1 Homer Strangles Bart

While Marge and Homer have both made some poor parenting choices over the years, the worst offense is likely the repeated one we see from Homer towards Bart. How many episodes show Homer losing it on his son, yelling through gritted teeth, “why you little…” as he puts his hands on his child? This even goes past questionable in the minds of many. Regardless of your anger levels, you can’t go there, Homer.

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