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2020…A New Year, A New Decade and A New Spin on Resolutions

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three pictures of unorganized freezers


three pictures of unorganized freezers

holiday seasons are at the rear of us and we are starting a new year and a brand new 10 years!
Its time to believe New Decades Resolution. Right here at Diaries of a Dietitian our New
Years resolution is freezer thoroughly clean out.

It is time to funds in and consider benefit
of the food stuff you obtained on sale or cooked in huge batches to take pleasure in yet another

This New Years resolution will preserve us some funds by getting considerably less
groceries about the following number of weeks. It will aid to cut down the total of food stuff
waste we have. Let’s deal with it freezers are an astounding equipment but they are not
great. You cannot freeze foods without end, so use it before it goes lousy and you
close up throwing it out. How prolonged need to you freeze meals, before it influences the

https://www.canada.ca/en/overall health-canada/solutions/normal-foods-basic safety-tips/safe-meals-storage.html#a5

list of food in a freezer


The initially stage is to stock your freezer. Make a listing of
anything in your freezer and how a lot of you have of every. If you have additional than
a person freezer make a individual list for each and every freezer (it is simpler to uncover merchandise if
you know exactly where they are).

Publish or retain the checklist some location visible, I like outdated school
paper and pen listing hung right on the fridge. Use the list when you are food
preparing. I attempt to use as several items out of my freezer every single week. On the lookout at
your listing some up with food tips. Often our meal strategies consist of just just one
product from the freezer and other ideas every single piece of the meal is out of the
freezer. We get fairly resourceful with meal combos as we get to the conclude of
our freezer clean out.

Set a objective. Can you use the contents of your freezer in a
few months, or a month or two? It’s not a race but the purpose is to operate on
emptying it. Then we can communicate about restocking it.

baked chicken breast on top of a waffle with a garden salad
Frozen hen breast for Baked Chicken & Waffles with a salad

pork cutlet, pasta and tomato sauce with green beans
Pasta sauce, pork cutlet and environmentally friendly beans all from the freezer

scallops, sauted mushrooms, green peas and pasta with pesto
Peas, pesto and scallops from the freezer

What is your favourite freezer food?

Shannon RDRegistered Dietitian

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