What’s the Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care?

Medically reviewed by Kathryn Kirkland, M.D.

Infographic What\u2019s the Difference Between Hospice and Palliative Care?. Click the image to open the PDF

Palliative care

  • Is a kind of specialised treatment to assistance people today with significant ailments and their people stay as well as they can

  • Focuses on running or minimizing soreness and other signs and symptoms and delivers other interventions aimed to strengthen good quality of life

  • Can be made use of together with professional medical treatment plans meant to heal the disease, and can aid clients realize their therapy alternatives and make options about remedy that are aligned with their goals and values 

  • Can be practical at any phase of major illness

  • Does not have a established length of care and depends on what you need and what coverage will cover (if you have insurance)

Who makes up a palliative treatment group?


  • Palliative treatment medical professionals

  • Palliative care nurses

  • Social staff

  • Non secular advisors or chaplains 

Crew customers do the job alongside one another to give total-man or woman care, in collaboration with the patient’s other healthcare vendors.

Palliative care can be presented in a:

  • Clinic

  • Specialised outpatient clinic

  • Nursing residence

  • Patient’s household

Hospice care

  • Is a subset of palliative treatment that is for people with serious illness who doctors believe that have 6 months or less to stay

  • Is built for people today whose disease is not responding to procedure or who would like to cease treatment 

  • Focuses on quality of lifestyle and not prolonging life 

  • Lasts as lengthy as life expectancy 

Hospice treatment can be supplied in a:

  • Patient’s dwelling

  • Hospice heart

  • Nursing residence

  • Clinic (uncommonly)

Who helps make up a hospice care staff?


  • Hospice nurses

  • Hospice medical professionals

  • Spiritual advisors or chaplains 

  • Social workers

  • Volunteers experienced to guidance sufferers and their families

Did you know? Hospice does not imply stopping all solutions — just the ones (like chemotherapy for cancer) meant to cure an disease. 

The two:

  • For folks with critical disease

  • Assistance control indications and make choices that align with their targets

  • Present actual physical and psychological assist to individuals and families 

  • Might be covered by Medicare or other insurance 

Palliative only:

  • Patients can obtain care at any time soon after illness is diagnosed 

  • Clients can go on to receive treatments meant to heal their ailment

Hospice only:

  • Clients can receive treatment if a medical doctor believes they have 6 months or fewer to live

  • Clients can no more time get treatment plans meant to treatment disease

To discover hospice and palliative treatment in the vicinity of you, check out the Countrywide Hospice and Palliative Treatment Firm. 


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