October 25, 2021

Acqua NYC

Fit And Go Forward

What Biden’s presidency means for the media: An enemy no more?

It was pretty amazing when Fox News cut to a shot of the White House on Wednesday and the knee-jerk blood-pressure spike was quickly replaced by a feeling of relative calm.

Not coincidentally, former President Donald Trump was replaced by current President Joe Biden on Wednesday. Things have changed, right before our eyes. Not just administrations, but what’s required of journalists to cover them.

A lot of events, historic and otherwise, lend themselves to massive coverage by television news. The inauguration — this inauguration in particular — was one of them. You could chart the shift in history if you watched TV long enough, and I did.

“I love Inauguration Day,” Chris Wallace said as he signed on for Fox News’ coverage. “To me, it’s like Christmas morning for American democracy.” There were a lot of presents under that tree.

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