October 25, 2021

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Fit And Go Forward

6 meal kit options to keep your healthy New Year’s resolutions on track

2020 was hard, and if your New Year’s resolution was to just stay healthy and take care of yourself, that’s just fine. But if you were a little more bold and made new eating habits part of your 2021 resolution, we’ve rounded up some of the best meal kit plans to help stay you on track.


Price: Starts at $5.99 per serving

Eat well with this healthy and organic meal kit. They deliver ingredients for a variety of easy-to-follow meal plans for every lifestyle, including keto, plant-powered diets and more. Most of their meals can be made in 30 minutes.


Price: Starts at $7.49 per serving

With a subscription to Hellofresh, you’ll receive a box each week packed with easy to follow recipes and nutritional info. The ingredients you’ll receive are high-quality and straight from the farm in pre-portioned amounts. You can skip weeks, swap recipes and cancel at any time.

Blue Apron

Price: Starts at $7.49 per serving

You name it, Blue Apron’s meal kits have it. From steaks to curry dishes, from meatball to stir fry, everyone can find something they love. Their pre-portioned ingredients also come in recyclable ice packs and packaging so you can stay eco-conscious, too.

Sun Basket

Price: Starts at $9.99 per serving

Whether you’re eating paleo, vegetarian, lean, carb-conscious, diabetes friendly or something else entirely, Sun Basket will delivery meals that can be created within 15 to 40 minutes. Their high-quality ingredients and organic produce will help you stay nourished all day long, too.

Purple Carrot

Price: Starts at $8.99 per serving

Looking for healthy plant-based meals? Look no further than Purple Carrot’s meal kits. You can choose from quick and easy, high protein and gluten free dishes, or go the chef’s choice route to get complete pairings. They also offer breakfast, lunch and packaged snacks, too, for a well-rounded day of eating.

Home Chef

Price: $9.95 per serving

Home Chef not only lets you pick your meals, but you can also customize your choices by upgrading, swapping or doubling up your favorite proteins on select recipes. You can also skip or pause your deliveries at any time making this one of the most versatile options.

Looking for more ways to stay healthy in 2021?

Nutribullet Cordless Blender

Price: $29.99

Smoothies are another great way to stick to a diet, and there are a million ways you can customize them. Add protein powder, fruits, veggies, juices –– whatever you’d like, really, for a sweet treat. Nutribullet also offers a great recipe guide with rainbow salads, green detox juices and more.

Persona Nutrition

Price: As little as $1/day

There are so many vitamins on the market it can be difficult to know which ones you’re supposed to take. Take the guesswork out with Persona Nutrition, the subscription company that sends you daily vitamin packs with exactly what you need, delivered straight to your door. They also take into account your current medications for your safety.


Price: $48/12-pack

Kombucha is a fermented, sweetened green or black tea that promises a range of health benefits. Health-ade offers a wide selection of small-batch bubbly probiotic kombucha teas that are rich with antioxidants that taste good, too.

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