October 20, 2021

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The 80/20 diet

Jenna Dewan recently revealed she follows the 80/20 diet, and she’s not the only celebrity.

Jenna Dewan Tatum wearing a white shirt

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Jenna Dewan

Kristin Cavallari, Olivia Munn, Kelly Rowland and Miranda Kerr have also previously said they stick to the healthy eating plan.

But what actually is it? Read on for more information.

As the name suggests, the diet involves eating well 80 per cent of the time and giving in to indulgences for the remaining 20 per cent. We’re pretty sure the A-listers don’t go too wild during the cheat time, but it means they can relax their normally strict diets.

Australian nutritionist, chef, and personal trainer Teresa Cutter brought out her The 80/20 Diet book in 2012, telling readers they could transform their bodies in just 12 weeks.

And in the cover interview for the March issue of Women’s Health magazine, Step Up star Jenna said she was also a follower, and chose foods like fries and nachos during her indulgence periods.

“I don’t deprive myself,” she said. “But I try to choose healthy most of the time.”

Her comments echo ones made by The Hills star Kristin in a previous chat with Us Weekly.

“Eighty percent of the time I’m eating really healthy. For me, that means for the most part being gluten-free, trying to stay away from white sugar, white flour and white salt,” she explained. “I indulge. I eat whatever I want, enjoy it, then I get back on track.”

Another way to interpret the diet is by filling your plate with 80 per cent healthy food.

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