Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague - Getty Images

Photo credit: Molly-Mae Hague – Getty Images

Since leaving the Love Island villa as a runner-up in 2019, Molly-Mae Hague has enjoyed one of the most illustrious careers in influencer history. As well as nabbing lucrative brand deals with the likes of Pretty Little Thing and Beauty Works, Cosmopolitan UK’s July/August cover star has also documented her seriously motivational health and fitness journey over on her YouTube channel, and, it’s safe to say, we’re obsessed.

Molly-Mae has also previously hit back against trolls who body-shamed her after paparazzi photos of her wearing a bikini while on holiday in Ibiza were published last year. “You guys have absolutely no idea what these paparazzi cameras do to your body,” she said. “They make you look triple your size, I’ve even had paps add detail to my cellulite so they can sell the pictures for more money.”


In March this year, Molly-Mae explained during one of her vlogs that she’d “completely flipped [her] life upside down in terms of everything – exercise, food, water intake.” She added, “I have been on a journey with my body, finding out what works for my body, what I need for my body to feel good.” She also added that she still doesn’t drink enough water and we appreciate her honesty because, let’s face it, us too!

While Molly-Mae’s health journey is something interesting that we may or may not individually learn something from, it’s important to note this article is *categorically* NOT an instruction manual on how to look exactly like Molly-Mae, or how to achieve Molly-Mae’s exact body composition. Thanks to ~science~, we all know that even if you follow the exact same exercise and nutrition routine as someone else, there’s no guarantee you’ll end up looking anything like them. Plus, what’s wrong with looking exactly like you?

Treat this article as an opportunity to have a nosey into how a celeb you admire maintains their body and, if anything particularly resonates, you may want into incorporate into your own routine. Or you may not, it’s totally cool.

With that in mind, we set out to discover as much as we could about how Molly-Mae works out, what she eats in a day and any cool tricks she’s shared about fitness on the way…

What is Molly Mae’s workout regime?

PT sessions

Ahead of entering the Love Island villa in 2019, Molly-Mae’s main hobby was exercise. She said (via The Sun), “I’m a massive gym freak, I gym pretty much every day.”

Connor O’Brien, Molly-Mae’s personal trainer back in 2019, told Liverpool Echo that one of their typical workouts would start off with 4 x 10 reps of leg presses, leg curls and shoulder presses, before finishing off with 3 x 12 reps of sissy squats, lat raises and cable pull-aparts.

When describing Molly-Mae’s workout routine, Connor said, “We only had a very short time to get Molly-Mae the results she wanted. She found out quite late on that she was going into the villa.

“We did a lot of sessions in a short time frame and devised a diet plan after body fat testing so that it suited what it was she needed. It was only about two weeks we had, but we worked on getting her the body that she wanted.”

Horse riding

In one of Molly-Mae’s ‘A Day In The Life Of…’ vlogs, she documented her fourth ever horse riding lesson, encouraging people who may be “apprehensive about starting a hobby at a slightly older age” to give it a go. According to Equestrian Co, horse riding has a host of health benefits, from increasing core strength, muscle tone and flexibility, to improving balance and coordination. Plus, cute horses!


If you’re a long-term fan of Molly-Mae’s YouTube channel, you’ll know that she and Tommy are always popping out for walks. It may not be as trendy as high-intensity-interval-training or barre classes, but walking still packs a high-fitness punch. Plus, it filled a lot of time in lockdown and is great for your for mental health, too. According to Healthline, walking is an ideal way to burn calories, increase muscle tone and boost energy levels.

What is Molly-Mae’s diet like?

*All* the protein

In a recent “What I Eat In A Day” vlog, Molly-Mae confessed to eating five chicken sausages a day, saying she’s “actually addicted to them,” as they’re the easiest way to get protein into her diet. I mean, that’s a five-a-day we can certainly get behind.

For breakfast, Molly-Mae says she has a chocolate protein meal replacement shake made with water and ice. Although she admits the shakes are “not the nicest,” she concedes that they do keep her full and energised throughout the morning.

For lunch, the former Love Islander then has a protein-filled box from Kettlebell in Manchester, containing sweet potato mash, chicken breast, guacamole, some falafel and broccoli.

For dinner, Molly-Mae makes a salad using half a pouch of Uncle Ben’s Spicy Mexican rice, lettuce, sweetcorn, two bacon rashers, some Quorn chicken slices, hummus and some coleslaw, which she describes as her “guilty pleasure”.

Photo credit: MollyMae - YouTube

Photo credit: MollyMae – YouTube

“Slight” calorie deficit

In March earlier this year, Molly-Mae got candid about including a “slight calorie deficit” in her diet, which refers to the body’s state when you consume less calories a day than you burn. Molly-Mae explained, “I wanted to get my body back to a point where I can go on shoots… and still feel confident.”

The NHS recommends losing weight at a safe rate of “0.5kg to 1kg (1lb to 2lb) per week,” by “sticking to a daily calorie allowance of 1,900kcal for men and 1,400kcal for women.” So if you’re interesting in pursuing a calorie deficit, make sure it’s done safely.

Healthy snacks

In her “What I Eat In A Day” vlog, Molly-Mae also said she’s an avid snacker, “I’m constantly putting things in my mouth… food-wise,” she joked. Throughout the course of the video, Molly-Mae snacks on tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, a salted caramel Nakd bar and some sweet ‘n’ salty popcorn. Just thinking about it is making me peckish.

Photo credit: MollyMae - YouTube

Photo credit: MollyMae – YouTube

Upping her water intake

In her vlog, “A Day With Me In Lockdown,” Molly-Mae said she was setting herself the target of drinking three litres of water a day as she “really struggles to drink enough water.” The NHS website recommends “6 to 8 glasses of water a day”, describing it as a “healthy and cheap choice for quenching your thirst at any time. It has no calories and contains no sugars that can damage teeth”.

Peppermint tea

Molly-Mae is definitely partial to a peppermint tea. If you watched her series of Love Island, you may remember the Twitter frenzy over Tommy Fury confessing he didn’t know how to make her a peppermint tea. We’re assuming he’s got the hang of it now.

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