When the initial lockdown back in March 2020 first happened because of COVID-19, a lot of us initially thought that the whole ordeal would be over quickly, with some even treating the then-supposed 2-week isolation as a break from everything.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case, and the pandemic is perhaps one of the biggest problems countries all over the world had to face in decades, and is still facing. What’s even more unfortunate is that a lot of us were unprepared for the restrictions that would force us into abandoning our routines and making new ones, all while work commutes would disappear, events and vacations get cancelled, and homes get turned into classrooms and offices.

For some, this change of pace is necessary, while for others, these unforeseen circumstances is a big disruption to their routine.

Nevertheless, 2020 have come and gone, and as we settle into January 2021, it will be helpful to take a look back at some of the best routines that we’ve learned to follow last year, and build them up not just for 2021, but also moving forward. Here are the most important ones:

1. Accountability

habit2 Keeping a daily journal entry is one way of keeping yourself accountable of your actions, decisions, and goals. Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

Last year, everyone learned how to be accountable to one another by socially distancing, wearing masks, and limiting their contacts with people to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread any further, which is actually admirable in and of itself.

This year, while it’s a must to still observe some safety protocols in order to keep safe, you can take the accountability habit you learned and take it a step further by applying it in more aspects of your life. For example, you can keep yourself accountable by using apps that will give you reminders, whether it’s for tracking what you eat or how much you exercise. You can also do so by keeping a daily journal entry. If you can, you can also have an accountability buddy you can check with everyday.

Per experts, we tend to perform better at things when somebody’s watching or observing, whether that somebody is actually someone else or just us. So do your best to take your accountability habit a notch higher.

2. Self-Care

habit3 Eating healthier is one of the best ways of caring for yourself and the people around you. Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

Looking back, it’s a bit ironic that we all learned about community care at a time when we’re literally limiting our distance and physical interactions with each other, but more than anything, 2020 taught us that caring for ourselves also translates to caring towards our own communities.

And while it seems obvious, making self-care a priority should be continued, and that means investing in yourself in ways more than one. For example, the easiest way to take care of yourself is by becoming healthier. Thankfully, this is now easier with food delivery services.

Diet-To-Go is one great affordable option, as they specialize in bringing you home-made meals tailored to your preferences, whatever your diet may be. Not only that, but getting a meal plan from Diet-To-Go is also great, as it will give you access to a community filled with professionals and like-minded people that should help inspire you to reach your health goals. And hey, the food is just unbelievably good and healthy too.

Of course, self-care goes beyond eating healthy, and also includes being more self-aware of how you spend your time. It’s not just taking naps, but also about setting priorities, boundaries, and even finding purpose. So focus on your self-goals and values, be it eating healthier, spending more time for yourself, or simply placing emphasis on your priorities.

3. Get moving

habit4 In addition to being a great social activity, biking is also an easy way of getting a great workout. Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

Back in 2020, gyms and fitness classes were canceled/closed, leaving everyone in shambles as to how to translate those sessions into home workouts.

Thankfully, this one is easier to follow. Instead of one long exercise session that you will probably have to schedule around your usual work-from-home routine, simply make it a point to make little exercise breaks throughout the day. After a meeting, stand up and do some stretches. Tired after a conference call? Why not take a quick walk outside? Do jumping jacks or push-ups while warming up for the day as well.

Investing in some home workout equipment will also help you get motivated. While there are plenty of choices out there, the best are easily Fyt Personal Training for their excellent trainers, while The Human Trainer and Bluefin Fitness are great home workout equipment go-to’s. If you prefer Yoga, Inner Dimension Media and YogaDownload.com both provide great online yoga classes.

The key here is to simply be active, and keep on being active. Remember, every little bit counts. So keep on moving!

4. Maintain your social bubbles

habit5 Maintaining a social bubble or circle is good for the well-being and overall health of everyone involved. Photo: Pixabay (CC0)

If during 2020, you found refuge from the pandemic by keeping a select group of friends to help you cope with every day, then you’re not alone. According to a poll conducted by Axios, around half of Americans actually turned to a social bubble to help keep them sane during the pandemic.

This year, keep that social bubble. The best part is that there are no rules when it comes to making new friends, and it’s all up to you whether you want to make your current social pod bigger or start a new one where the circle is focused on other things, such as exercise or health goals. This way, you will always have someone to share your goals to, and vice versa.

Remember that at its core, humanity is a shared and social experience, and having these networks and communities will help us feel closer. It’s also long-lasting and has a positive measurable impact on the health and well-being of everyone included.

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