October 17, 2021

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Sports Charities That Need Some Love in 2021

How’s your resolution going?

It’s Day 1 of a great, big new year and that means we feel rejuvenated and fresh. It’s the perfect time to consider kicking off 2021 in a giving spirit.

As we have seen over the last year, so many charities and sports foundations have been hit hard by the lack of live events that could be held. They remain a major part of their fundraising.

Just this past month En Fuego offered a spotlight to some amazing sports charities doing fantastic work. Here are just a few you might be interested to hear more about as we enter a new day.

The Notah Begay III (NB3) Foundation is a long-term solution to issues prevalent in the Native American community. Type II diabetes and childhood obesity remain at alarming levels, which inspired the famed golfing legend to turn his attention to creating a foundation that would help families live healthier lives.

With sports programs and ongoing mentorship opportunities, the younger generation is quickly becoming that change agent necessary to create far healthier habits.

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The Women’s Sports Foundation remains Billie Jean King’s love letter to the next generation of female athletes. The mission is to drive far more inclusion by working to grant access to myriad sports. As its website states, this has meant inspiring over 100,000 girls across the nation.

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Soccer Without Borders is a non-profit organization that brings the best most inclusive aspects of soccer and spreads that across the world. Using the power of sport, the foundation brings people together in under-resourced communities, garnering waves of empowerment and equity where it is needed most.

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Baseball for All is changing the face of baseball by making it a far more universal sport. The national pastime should be something played by anyone who wants to play, but it largely remains a male-dominated endeavor. 

Young girls who adore the sport can no longer find a place to play once they reach a certain age. It’s a travesty that Justine Siegal and the people at Baseball for All are trying to remedy.

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191111 Jarrin Foundation-40
Photo Credit: The Jaime and Blanca Jarrín Foundation

The Jaime and Blanca Jarrín Foundation is a budding foundation just over a year into existence. Much like the above, they rely heavily on live fundraising events to reach their goals. The pandemic has paused much of what they are able to do, which is raise money for scholarships for those students hoping to become the next great community leader, such as the great Jaime Jarrín.

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4MOM Charity is a way for the Seattle Mariners’ Braden Bishop to honor his late mother. He and his brother, the Giants’ Hunter Bishop, started this organization to raise awareness and funding to combat Alzheimer’s.

“Immediately the first thing I thought of was I got to try and find a way to show her that this is OK and that she’s not alone, because with Alzheimer’s, when people are diagnosed with it, it makes you feel just on an island like you’re by yourself,” Bishop tells En Fuego.

Thanks to Braden and so many others, people in need know they are not alone. His foundation and the many we had the pleasure of highlighting recently are doing tremendous work to show the true power the comes from compassion and giving.

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