January 24, 2022

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Some Common Myths Surrounding Pregnancy, Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About

Pregnant women are always greeted with dos and don’ts and sometimes, it gets really frustrating as there is already so much to tackle, from the gut-wrenching agony to emotional crisis, body complexities, and whatnot. But did you know there are a lot of myths that pregnancy is engulfed with, this implies that, most of the things that people tell you to avoid are actually a part of those myths and have no relevance with pregnancy?

So, stop being fooled by all such fictitious stuff and enjoy every bit of your pregnancy as it is an experience of a lifetime. Here’s presenting an intriguing fact check about some common myths surrounding pregnancy.

Myth: You Can’t Colour Your Hair While You’re Pregnant

The toxins in the hair colour are what bring this myth into existence, like exposure to toxins can result in severe problems. But several reports suggest, that colouring your hair (how to colour hair at home) during pregnancy, does not cause any harm to the fetus as the number of toxins present in hair dyes is not very large and hence, you can freely colour and style your hair as your, please.

Myth: Eating For Two

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Myth Eating For Two

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. While some changes are good, some can be hazardous but thanks to the fundamental instinct of our bodies to keep reproducing and recovering itself on its own over and over. So, all you need to focus on is having a healthy lifestyle i.e exercising, resting and eating a balanced diet, etc.

This also means that the notion of eating as much as two people is baseless. You should eat only as much as your body allows. To add to that, overeating during pregnancy can cause digestive troubles and other problems and that can be more troublesome for you.

Myth: All Women Feel Miserable During Pregnancy

It is an undeniable point that women become more emotionally and physically vulnerable during pregnancy and that is a major reason why small things frustrate them. It is to be admitted that the pain, insomnia, and mood swings are entirely unbearable. But, like all things, there are two aspects to this too, one does feel frustrated but it’s not like that weariness is there all the time.

In fact, producing life is like a superpower that only females are blessed with and this is indomitable empowerment which cannot be demolished by any negativity. We would also like you to understand that everything is in the mind and you must remember to be happy and positive as depression and stress could result in premature birth or underweight babies.

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Myth: It Is Possible To Predict The Sex Of The Baby

Myth Eating For Twoass

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Myth Eating For Twoass

Predicting the sex of the bay has been in practice for ages, people use different superstitious methods for sex determination. Popular methods include judging by the shape of the belly, wedding ring procedure, etc. all these are only ways to speculate and nothing is scientifically proven. Therefore, it is not possible to predict the sex of the baby, even ultrasound is not completely reliable in this matter.

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Myth: Women Must Refrain From Physical Exercises

As a result of our negligence and lack of awareness, such myths have become very prevalent and popular. Under this myth, women must refrain from all kinds of physical exercises. But the facts indicate the opposite of this. Experts suggest that pregnant women must indulge in physical fitness activities like yoga, exercises, stretching, etc. and that too regularly, allows the mothers to stay active, keep obesity at bay, and helps the child develop a sharp and intelligent mind.


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