October 15, 2021

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Separate fact and fiction about fruit | Ascension

People know fruits are one of the healthiest types of foods. Let’s address several myths about fruits and find out if they are indeed myths or facts?

Fresh is best

The nutrient content of canned and frozen fruits is very similar to fresh fruit. In some cases, the nutrient content is higher than in fresh fruit. No matter the form, each contributes to a healthy diet. With canned and frozen fruits, you have more of a variety. As for costs, it depends on the time of year you are purchasing the fruit and the fruit you are wanting.

Juice should be avoided

When selecting fruit juice look for 100% fruit juice. Although fruit juice does not offer any fiber, 100% juice is nutritious. Fruit juices contain natural sugar. It is important to note that juice drinks are not 100% juice. They have added water and sugars. A four ounce (½ cup) serving of 100% juice is equal to a serving or one small piece of fruit. It is important to note that excessive juice consumption even it if is 100% juice can lead to increased calories and potential weight gain.

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Sugar in fruit is bad for you

Sugar in fruit is natural. Fruits contain water, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients making them an ideal choice to include in a balanced and healthy diet. It is the added sugars that you should be concerned with. Too much added sugars can contribute to obesity, weak bones, fatigue, lack of concentration and tooth decay.

Next time you are looking for something sweet, reach for nature’s candy.

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