As the writer behind the food blog Yummy Toddler Food, Amy Palanjian is something of a muffin expert. Muffins make easy snacks and breakfasts for kids — and adults — of all ages, and they’re great vehicles for adding something a little healthier to a sweet treat that appeals to even extremely picky eaters. So when she says her yogurt muffin “is officially my go-to recipe,” that says a lot — since she makes more muffins than most of us. The yogurt not only keeps the muffins moist and tender, but also adds a little extra bit of protein to fill up bellies, as well as calcium and probiotics for health.  

The muffin recipe is easy to make: You just stir together all the wet ingredients, add the dry ingredients, and then add in your chosen mix-ins. Palanjian offers six different mix-in options for her muffins and notes that you can “make a mixed batch with a few muffins in different flavors to please each of your family members.”

Her six different flavors offer ideas for every type of eater — starting with plain for the super-picky person. For the sugar-lover she offers chocolate chips, and for the kind of person who loves complexity there is an option with shredded carrots, raisins, cinnamon, and ginger. Then for the fruit-lovers, you can try strawberries (with or without lemon zest for a boost), blueberries (with or without cinnamon for pizzaz), and diced cherries. 

Once they are done, they stay good for up to five days in the fridge, so a batch could last the full week — and they’ll go even longer in the freezer.

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