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Entrepreneurs Jumoke Jackson, Danita Claytor and Duane ‘Myko’ Cheers took their company, Everything Legendary, to the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank to see if they could score a deal from one of the investors.

According to the episode synopsis, the entrepreneurial trio “from Hyattsville, Maryland, are on a mission to create a healthy lifestyle for families with their delicious plant-based take on a classic favorite food.”

The entrepreneurs pitched their product to Sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Lori Greiner and Kevin O’Leary.

Here’s what you should know about Everything Legendary on Shark Tank: 

1. Everything Legendary is a Plant-Based Meat Company

Everything Legendary Meat Shark Tank

ABC/Christopher Willard

Everything legendary is a plant-based food company that aims to help change how people eat, according to the company website.

“Those other plant-based burgers don’t know what’s about to happen,” the website reads. “We’re crafting food inspired by our original legend – mom.”

The site says that their mother went plant-based for her health, but they noticed that the food she was eating wasn’t as good as what they thought she should be eating.

“This flavor will get you,” the site reads. “For real, it’s a whole other level of taste. Take a bite. There’s no turning back to that bland life.”

2. The Everything Legendary Team is Made up of Five Members

Everything Legendary Meat Shark Tank

ABC/Christopher Willard

The company website details each of the five Everything Legendary team members: Duane, Danita, Jumoke, Vince and Cynthia. They each have their own strengths that they bring to the company.

Jumoke Jackson, Danita Claytor and Duane Cheers are the three who are appearing on Shark Tank. Jackson is the flavor specialist, Claytor is the strategizer and Cheers is the idea man, according to the website.

They’ll be bringing all of their ideas, flavors and strategies to the Sharks in order to convince them to invest in their company.

3. The Plant-Based Burgers are Available to Purchase Online

Everything Legendary Meat Shark Tank

ABC/Christopher Willard

At the time of writing, the Everything Legendary plant-based burger is available to purchase online through the company’s website.

The 8-pack packages of burgers is usually $74.95 but the package is currently on sale for $49.95 while the 16-pack package of burgers is usually $119.95 but is currently on sale for $94.95.

According to the website, the plant-based ground meat is not yet available but will be available to purchase soon.

4. The Everything Legendary Plant-Based Burgers Focus on Taste First

Everything Legendary Meat Shark Tank

ABC/Christopher Willard

According to the company website, the Everything Legendary burgers have a lot of taste because that’s what the founders knew people would be looking for, according to EIN Presswire.

“We knew from the start that taste is everything,” Cheers said. “It began with a search for something healthy and good-tasting that our mothers would want to eat. Once we had that, we took it to the streets with pop-up stores and street festival sampling, and let the community taste it for themselves.”

He added, “Today, people demand their food be nutritious and supercharged with flavor. Our brand delivers – and, best of all, it’s Mom-Approved.”

5. The Company Offers Plant-Based Recipes

Everything Legendary Meat Shark Tank

ABC/Christopher Willard

The Everything Legendary website offers a number of recipes for vegan and vegetarian foods.

“We believe taste is everything,” the website reads. “But flavorful food doesn’t just nourish our bodies – it feeds our souls with the substance we crave. Our insanely delicious plant-based burger is just the start.”

The site says that there will also be poetry, rhymes, fan stories, art, and more recipes available in the future.

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