Don’t Be Fooled by These, Weight-Loss Myths.For those trying to lose weight, it’s not uncommon to seehealth tips that revolve around so-called “super foods.” .Unfortunately, the game of nutritional-telephoneoften leads to opinions being sold as facts.According to Eat This, Not That!, here are six food myths that could be doing your weight-loss journey more harm than help.1. Myth: Kale is the healthiest green, A 2014 study found that spinach and even Romainelettuce were more nutritionally dense than kale.2. Myth: High fructose corn syrupis more unhealthy than sugar, A 2014 review of five studies found nodifference between the effects of sugarand HFCS on blood glucose levels. .3. Myth: Sea salt ishealthier than table salt, Unlike table salt, sea salt doesn’t containiodine, which actually plays an importantrole in regulating our body’s hormones. .4. Myth: Diet soda helps you lose weight, Artificial sweeteners have been linked to hard-to-controleating urges, which likely means more weight gain.5. Myth: Egg yolks are badfor your cholesterol, The dietary cholesterol in egg yolks has nothing todo with the serum cholesterol in your blood.6. Myth: You won’t loseweight if you eat at night, Eating a healthy fat/natural carb combo beforebed keeps your blood sugars stable and allows thefat-burning hormone glucagon to work.

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