The Gilmore Girls series featured quite a bit of love and loss, and much of that was driven by these 10 heated—and sometimes hilarious—rivalries.

Gilmore Girls was mostly a show about interpersonal relationships, both platonic and romantic, and centered on a mother and daughter who lived in the odd small town of Stars Hollow. The series followed Lorelai and Rory in their personal lives that involved both their own rivalries, as well as those of the characters around them.

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Although the series was more optimistic and funny than most and a lot of the rivalries were either love/hate relationships or the two eventually grew into friends, there were still some serious—and some hilarious—rivalries throughout Gilmore Girls.

10 Richard And Jason

Lorelai’s father Richard and her current romantic partner Jason had a rivalry for a short period on the show. The two were planning to go into business together against Jason’s father, but Richard had other plans. Richard chose to work with Jason’s father and essentially left Jason out of the deal and without any real business prospects left. The move made the two rivals, and the confromtation was a factor in ending Jason and Lorelai’s relationship.

9 Kirk And His Many Jobs

gilmore girls kirk and luke dressed the same plaid shirts

This is the relatively funny rivalry between one of the featured odd members of Stars Hollow, Kirk, and his countless jobs throughout the series. Kirk had his little arguments with Taylor, the de facto leader of Stars Hollow, but Kirk mostly had a rivalry within himself and how many jobs he decided to take on.

It seemed like almost every episode saw Kirk in a new job that he would eventually fail at, only to move on to a new job or business idea that usually failed, as well. It was a funny running joke throughout the series but an inner rivalry nonetheless.

8 Lane And Mrs. Kim

mrs kim and lane - gilmore girls

Gilmore Girls introduced Rory’s best friend Lane early on and quickly showed that she and her zealous mother rarely saw eye to eye. Lane is constantly hiding her love for her typical American teenager interests—specifically non-religious music—and she hates that she can’t live her life freely.

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Part of Lane’s story arc was to finally attempt to understand her mother’s side of things, and the two eventually did understand each other in a meaningful way by the end of the series even though they did still have their differences.

7 Jess And Logan

rory out to dinner with logan and jesse - gilmore girls

Jess and Logan were Rory’s more serious boyfriends after her break-up with high school boyfriend Dean, and Jess had grown up a lot between the time he and Rory broke up and when they reconnected years later. Rory went to see Jess at a party he was throwing to celebrate his first book being published, and she invited him out to dinner with her and Logan.

Logan showed up to the dinner already drunk and Jess told him off while also voicing his frustration about the situation to Rory. Although the two had a short rivalry, it was still enough to affect Rory and her story arc as she reconsidered her relationship with Logan and decided to go back to Yale after the failed dinner.

6 Michel And Sookie

lorelai sookie michel raincoats recipes

Sookie and Lorelai were best friends from the beginning of the show, and Michel was their third-wheel friend who was close to Lorelai but constantly clashed with Sookie. The two would constantly fight, and Lorelai had to always stop their petty arguments that quickly escalated.

Although overall the two were friends and founding members of The Dragonfly Inn with Lorelai, they had countless heated arguments throughout the series that proved they were rivals as well.

5 Luke And Christopher

Lorelai Gilmore Luke Danes and Christopher Hayden in Gilmore Girls

Luke and Christopher’s rivalry stemmed from both of them loving and wanting to protect Lorelai and Rory. Christopher appears throughout the series as Lorelai’s ex and Rory’s dad and the three have a difficult time getting along, but Christopher is part of their lives.

Luke hates that Christopher is still in the picture and feels that he strings both Lorelai and Rory along without ever fully committing to being in their lives. The two have a rivalry that escalated to Luke punching him in the face.

4 Dean And Jess

Another romantic rivalry on the show was between Jess and Dean, two of Rory’s romantic interests. Dean and Rory had been dating for a while when Luke’s nephew Jess came to Stars Hollow and became interested in Rory. Jess liked to constantly annoy Dean and rile up Rory, and Dean increasingly became jealous of the chemistry between Jess and Rory because they had a lot of similar interests and similar personalities.

3 Rory And Paris

Paris and Rory were mostly rivals at their private high school Chilton, and their rivalry was a big part of Rory’s formative years on the show. Rory and Paris were at the top of their class, and Paris considered Rory’s intelligence a threat and the two have a rivalry for years.

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Paris and Rory eventually became best friends despite their past rivalry and differences, they ended up rooming together at Yale and staying in touch after graduation.

2 Lorelai And Emily

lorelai and emily gilmore

Lorelai and her mother Emily had a rocky relationship throughout almost all of the series, and their rivalry and love were central to the Gilmore Girls plot. The two have different values and personalities that often clash, and Lorelai spent most of her life avoiding her mother and brought Rory along with her.

Even though the two argue often and don’t have the most healthy relationship, it’s still clear that they care about each other and come through when it’s important.

1 Taylor And Luke

Taylor and luke arguing - gilmore girls

Taylor and Luke’s rivalry was one of the funniest running jokes of the series as Taylor would constantly go over-the-top with his ideas and cause Luke to stand against him in his typical angry fashion. Luke loves Stars Hollow just as much as Taylor, but he doesn’t show it in the same way.

The two have completely different styles, which often leads to them loudly arguing in the middle of town meetings. Luke is more of a traditionalist, as he wants Stars Hollow to be quieter and operate normally as normal, while Taylor would rather focus on tourism and try new ideas that often drive Luke crazy. Luke and Taylor had their moments where they were friends, but the two were mostly rivals with completely different personalities.

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