ST. PETERSBURG, FL —A childcare expert with 15 years of nanny experience in the Chicago area who started The Windy City Nanny project, and has her own YouTube channel that covers childcare topics is bringing her knowledge to St. Petersburg parents on Sunday.

Florence Ann Romano is the oldest of four children with a brother who lives with autism, and she grew up caring for her siblings. With her combined experiences caring for children, she shares knowledge about how to develop and increase loving responses to children, ways to develop healthy childcare habits, and she addresses coronavirus concerns/issues that a lot of parents are dealing with this summer in her YouTube series.

“My nana and papa (AKA my grandparents) lived with my family for years, and they helped me understand what it means to care for a child,” Romano said on her website. “Seeing them look after my siblings and parents taught me one very important lesson: it really does take a village. Letting other people into our hearts isn’t a sign of weakness. If anything, it only makes us stronger!”

Romano is on the board of directors at the Children’s Research Fund at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago that supports pediatric research, and she is a founding member of Sesame Street’s Leadership Council.

Some other topics Romano shares on her website and her YouTube Channel include:

  • How to best transition your child between childcare providers

  • Childcare fiascos: how to avoid them and how to handle them

  • Difficult children, behavior issues

  • How to properly vet a nanny

  • Caring for a special needs child

  • Managing disciplinary differences

  • Ditch the devices and prioritize play

  • Postpartum anxiety

“Life is all about being positive, pushing boundaries, opening your heart and letting in the love,” said Romano. “I truly believe parents will experience beautiful breakthroughs in their homes if they simply ask for help—and that’s what I am here to do…to encourage and empower you to be the best you can be by letting love in.”

Florence Ann Romano will have a virtual discussion, “The Childcare Crisis: 3 Pillars of Hope” from St. Pete’s First Unity Spiritual Campus’ Facebook page from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., on Sunday.

Attendance is free.

This article originally appeared on the St. Pete Patch

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