Wizards head coach Scott Brooks sat down for his video conference with reporters on Tuesday night wearing a protective mask. He had previously worn one up until his interviews began, only to take it off. Per a league mandate, he now has to wear it as he talks to the media.

That’s fine with Brooks, he said, because he believes it is important to wear masks in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

“Without getting too political, it’s somewhat embarrassing that people are fighting over a mask. If it helps your neighbor out, to me it’s obvious; you do it,” Brooks said. 

“We’re all in this together. Obviously, the virus is not red or blue. It’s out to get everybody and we have to keep everybody as safe as possible. It makes no sense that we’re arguing, we’re fighting over masks. It’s actually embarrassing.”


Brooks doesn’t often use language that strong to discuss off-court matters, but he is clearly bothered by the debate around the U.S. about masks. For some reason, a movement has built against them and the lines have seemingly been drawn in parallel to political parties.

Brooks finds that frustrating, knowing how serious coronavirus can be.

“It’s a no-brainer for me. Do I like wearing it? No. Sometimes it’s not the easiest thing to communicate or breathe, but it’s the best thing to do,” Brooks said.

The NBA, to their credit, have been able to successfully contain the virus so far. The latest round of testing in the Disney World bubble recorded zero cases. That is despite the bubble being located in Florida where cases have soared with the state’s reopening plan having backfired.

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Wizards coach Scott Brooks calls fighting over coronavirus masks ’embarrassing’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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