DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — One in six adults and one in four children suffer from hunger right here in Alabama.

The Wiregrass Area Food Bank is accommodating but is asking for the public’s assistance.

Currently in Alabama, food insecurity is a problem.

Food insecurity is when there’s a lack of food for families to have an active and healthy life.

The pandemic made the issue worse, with 2020 closing out with an increase of 27.5 percent of households with children suffering from hunger.

This is where the Wiregrass Food Bank comes in.

“The way that we help with that, individuals and families can access food through our network of agencies that are spread throughout the county in the wiregrass,” Gonzalez said.

Now, they are asking for the public’s help via donations of canned goods. Non-perishable foods are essential because they can be staples in pantries, and there’s a shortage of them at agencies.

“We need for those items to be shelf-stable because there’s a lack of refrigeration and cold storage at our agencies so we’re trying to help them by getting in more canned goods,” Gonzalez said.

With 150 member agencies across the Wiregrass, the food bank acts as a supply house. The Wiregrass Food Bank is calling on you.

“We need the public’s help right now with bringing in canned goods to the food bank, but even the food bank network is lacking right now across the nation simply because there’s not enough canned goods available,” Gonzalez said.

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