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If you start eating high-calorie food or avert workouts over a long period, you would not be surprised if the weighing machine ticks higher. But occasionally, you gain weight despite great endeavours regarding workouts and diet regimes. Then it is time to divulge into factors that cause the weight gain. Two main parameters work in tandem in weight management; work and sleep. It means more calories if you work late, munch some snacks, and wake up belatedly. Lack of sleep is another factor, as it fluctuates hormone level that increases your hunger.

Antidepressant drug

When you feel too stressed, the body goes into the survival stage. The level of the stress hormone cortisol increase, making you feel hungrier. In a time of anxiety, one tends to eat more food, and this combined factor induces parameters for weight gain. Antidepressant drugs stimulate overweight. If you are on such medication, consult your physician to change the drug. But the decision must be taken by the doctor, not by you. Many individuals gain weight after taking medicine because they feel good, which leads to a greater appetite. Anxiety itself can be a cause of obesity.


Anti-inflammation steroid medication can stimulate weight gain, and this feature is well-known among healthcare professionals. Fluid retention and feeling of appetite is the prime cause of weight gain. Steroids cause accumulation of fat in areas like the face, belly, or chin in some persons when exposed to the drug for more than a week. Best appetite suppressant pills can readdress this issue and are safe as they contain no synthetic ingredients. Other drugs prescribed by doctors can lead to weight gain, including antipsychotics, to treat psychological disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Drugs administered to cure diabetes, seizure, and high blood pressure can induce weight gain but to a lesser extent.

Birth control pill

Birth control pills, estrogen, and progestin do not cause weight gain for a prolonged period. Women taking this pill may experience weight gain for a short period due to fluid retention. If the thyroid gland does not function optimally, the person feels lethargy, cold, and weight gain. Without adequate thyroid hormone metabolic rate slows down, and less energy is generated. A low level of thyroid hormone can cause weight gain.

Minimal caffeine

As women are more prone to weight gain due to hormonal changes best appetite suppressant pills are specifically designed for women in entertainment and athletics. These products have minimal caffeine as the compound can use health issues in females. Other ingredients include thermogenic spice, turmeric, and choline, with no side effects. 

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