By Bill Beaver

I am a 76-year-old male, married for 55 years this month, father, grandfather, great-grand father and Republican for 56 years.

I believe:

  • In the Constitution.
  • In pledging allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands.
  • In liberty and justice for ALL.
  • In true and honest equal due process.
  • That all lives matter.
  • That honesty, decency and integrity are essential in all true public service.
  • Peaceful demonstration is a high right and quality in a healthy democracy.
  • That the best politicians are those who view themselves as public servants.
  • That representatives vote to serve their constituents, not a party.
  • Words are important, but all lies are damaging.
  • That facts are important.
  • That self-service is the lowest form of public service.
  • Defunding police is wrong, but continually striving to improve screening processes, training, general policing practices and accountability are essential.
  • That violence, personal intimidation and destruction of property is criminal and should be charged and adjudicated.
  • Respect, honor, dedication to and belief in good people is healthy: worship is only healthy to a deity, not to an individual.
  • Autocracy is the opposite of democracy.
  • That there are no “good” people in any group that strives to deny any other groups equal rights.
  • That fascist behavior is evil. That dictators are evil.
  • That the proper response to being caught in a lie is to confess and apologize, not to double, triple-or-so down.
  • Only truth is true.
  • That the 14th amendment mandates that anyone who “engages in insurrection” against the United States should be prohibited from holding civil, military or elected office, without the approval of two-thirds of the House and Senate.
  • That any involvement in conspiracy theories or insurrection is unforgivable, no matter how much double-speak you apply.
  • That false claims in 50+ court lawsuits, where no evidence, but high numbers of opinion depositions were alluded to, do not equal truth.
  • That today’s America bears an alarming similarity to the Democratic German Republic in the 1930s. Their leader attracted a “base” that believed every word he said. I remember seeing films of the Nuremberg Rallies. His base proposed a bill to award him total power. While the democracy debated the bill, he intimidated them with military force. They conceded the power.
  • That my congressman, whom you have covered extensively and fairly (including his side of issues that you had to glean from other sources because he wouldn’t speak with you) has violated his oath of office in many ways since his election. His office explained that he was legitimately elected, while the PA national election was fraudulent.
  • That integrity, honor and an oath are similar to virginity. Once compromised, there are no do-overs.

Bill Beaver writes from Harrisburg, Pa.

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