5 2 … what it do, Jennifer Lopez captioned Saturday, as she shared a recent photo shoot in celebration of her 52nd birthday. JLo’s bikini body proves that she’s changing the face (and abs, and gams) of the cultivated woman, symbolizing that we really can get better as we age—and it’s not so hard. We took a close look at her nutrition and fitness routine to discover that results like JLo’s may not be as out-of-reach as you might think.

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Jennifer Lopez
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We might argue that Jennifer Lopez is photographed heading into or out of the gym more than any other celeb. Just for example, paparazzi have snapped her a number of times (like this one) during her stay in Miami—one destination that’s been a retreat in recent weeks, since she and Alex Rodriguez went separate ways.

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Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez shared an early-morning post, stating that “H2O [is] always a must.” Some rumors suggest she drinks no fewer than seven glasses of water per day.

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Coffee! In the same post about the necessity of water, Jennifer Lopez revealed that coffee is also part of “my real AM routine . . . so you know exactly how I get THAT glow.”

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JLo recently became a spokesperson for Poppi, a prebiotic soft drink that’s said to support gut health with apple cider vinegar as a key ingredient.

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Jennifer Lopez
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Here, JLo appears to sip on a grapefruit mimosa at brunch in NYC with her sister, Lynda Lopez. Sometimes it’s encouraging to see that the fittest celebs don’t cut out vices completely. (If you prefer some bubbly too, don’t miss This Is the Worst Way To Drink Prosecco, According To Experts.)

But what exactly does Jennifer Lopez eat..? Keep reading.

wild salmon

Earlier this year, Good Housekeeping reported that JLo sticks to a super clean diet, avoiding processed and refined foods. Typical dishes are said to be lean proteins—like egg whites for breakfast, lean cuts of poultry, fish (including a regular serving of salmon—like our 21+ Best Healthy Salmon Recipes for Weight Loss!), and “a ‘handful’ of nuts each day, for healthy fats,” her trainer, Dodd Romero, told GH.

As for veggies?


As you probably guessed, JLo’s trainer revealed to GH that JLo puts a healthy amount of green vegetables, like broccoli, spinach and kale on her plate, but avoids veg with a higher sugar content, such as corn and carrots.

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Although we doubt Jennifer Lopez often curls up with a big bowl of pasta on the reg, word has it her diet does include healthy starches like “sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal, Romero shared.” (Curious? Check out This Oatmeal Is the Best for Weight Loss, Dietitian Says.)

With that routine, maybe it’s no wonder Jennifer Lopez looks like this…

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