January 18, 2022

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These Healthy Meal Kit Deliveries Are Now Offering Christmas Boxes And… Yum

Since the UK went into lockdown and finding your usual groceries became all the more difficult, food delivery has been increasingly popular – and a necessity for some in self-isolation. As we enter the festive season, treating ourselves to a little luxury in the form of perfectly prepared meal delivery kits feels like the perfect Christmas gift.

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Because, not only are we all struggling to find our typical buys – online or in-store – but being inches from your kitchen all day is making healthy eating even more arduous. And at a time of a global pandemic, it’s never been more important to be looking after your body and keeping your immune system strong. Enter: the healthy meal kit… Christmas edition. Easy, efficient and healthy with a festive twist.

From Mindful Chef to HelloFresh, Pollen + Grace to The Pure Package – there are actually more meal kit delivery options than you think. Vegan meal kits, festive Christmas boxes and beyond, we’ve surveyed the best out there to deliver our very own top meal kits that can come straight to your door…

The best healthy meal kits that deliver

The Pure Package

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The Pure Package

The most luxurious healthy meal kit out there, The Pure Package is definitely a cut above the rest when it comes to quality and quantity food. You can choose from packages like training support, weight loss, healthy eating and longevity as well as all of your specific diet requirements like vegan or vegetarian. Testing out the ‘training support’ diet for three days, I was more than satisfied with the high quality of the food as well as the range of meals available. The addition of snacks made the diet all the more fulfilling and certainly aided my training schedule. Seriously, this meal kit might be a treat, but it’s a treat you deserve. Prices start from £39.95

Pollen + Grace

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Pollen + Grace

One of our favourite meal delivery kits to date, Pollen + Grace make ready meals feel gourmet. They’re all healthy, vegan and of course… delicious. Their festive nut roast was a particular favourite, making any kind of Christmas special this year. Meal boxes start at £3.50 in stores.

Mindful Chef

a plate of food on a table: Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door - Grazia

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Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door – Grazia

One of the newest and best companies leading this trend is Mindful Chef, set up by Giles Humphires and Myles Hopper (below) in 2014. London based, these cool cats set out to provide a super healthy meal-kit service delivering Paleo based dinners to peoples doors. (In case you need reminding, Paleo is mainly fish, meat and vegetable. It’s one of the most good for you diets out there right now). Co-founder Giles tells us, ‘We only use responsibly sourced, organic meat, fish caught by local day boats and organic veg from Devon. The veg is pulled out of the ground on Friday and on your doorstep on Sunday. We are reinventing the process as we believe veg shouldn’t sit in supply chains for weeks.’

How It Works: Mindful Chef have partnered up with Eversfield Organic Farm in Devon to deliver a box of produce once a week to your doorstep. Mindful Chef have a No Processed Food Rule, so the ingredients are as fresh as you can get with nutrient-dense British vegetables. With the ingredients and recipe cards you can rustle perfectly portioned Paleo dishes. Giles and Myles tell us, ‘After a few weeks of healthy home cooking, our customers report feeling leaner, with better skin, brighter eyes and feeling more alive!’ Highlight meals include: Walnut & mustard beef, orange, beetroot & watercress salad, Salmon & courgette skewers with fried endive and sweet potato mash and Spiced pork baby fajita gem wraps with a coconut & lime dressing. Their Christmas menu is available for delivery from December 13th. Prices from £24. Yum!

Riverford Organic Farm

food on a table: Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door - Grazia

© Credits: Riverford Organic Farm
Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door – Grazia

Winners of The Observer Ethical Award five years in a row this outfit delvers 47,000 fresh produce boxes a week in the UK. Recently launching their Recipe Boxes they provide a Quick recipe box, Vegetarian box and perfect for Summer a BBQ box complete with gluten free sausages. Add your Christmas favourites now. Prices from £33.95

Hello Fresh

a bunch of food on a table: Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door - Grazia

© Credits: Hello Fresh
Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door – Grazia

Sourcing their fish from Mayfair Fishmonger James Knight which has reportedly supplied Clarence House for years this Meal Kit Service is truly a royal affair. Not only do they do their Classic and Veggie Boxes they also provide a Family Box for up to 5 people. Ideal! With their Christmas Box sold out already, you’ll have to rely on an old favourite if you want to celebrate the festive season with them this year. Prices from £36.


a bunch of food sitting on a table: Planthood

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Another delicious plant-based option, Planthood delivers restaurant quality meals to your door. Their Christmas box features mushroom wellington with miso and porcini red wine gravy, sticky nato bean, hazelnut and cranberry stuffing, wrapped in miso mushroom duxelle, cavolo nero and puff pastry plus cauliflower ‘cheese’ with a garlic and thyme crumb and much more. Prices start at £32.85 per week.


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Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door – Grazia

Working with well respected brands like Yeo Valley and Woodlands Farm Gousto are passionate about creating exciting, colourful healthy meals. Highlights include, Dill and Courgette Fish, Daikon Curry and Pulled Chicken Salad. Prices from £29.99.

Simply Cook

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Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door – Grazia

In addition to their healthy low calorie Discovery Box, Simply Cook also do a box suitable for those of us that are Gluten free. Offerings include Cod and Chorizo Broth and Firecracker Chicken are just a couple of the Coeliac ready recipe kits. Prices from £10.

All Plants

a box on a table: Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door - Grazia

© Credits: All Plants
Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door – Grazia

A plant-based meal delivery service that starts from £4.99 per person per meal, this is perfect for vegetarians and vegans, and anyone who’s looking to reduce the amount of meat in their diets.

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