The new year is here and so is a slew of resolutions.

A study sourced by the researcher’s over at WalletHub revealed 2 of American’s top new year’s resolutions—to exercise more and lose stubborn quarantine weight.

According to statistics from the recent report about 80-91% of people do not stick to their resolutions. Where you live could have something to do with it. Certain cities in America are set up with the physical health of their citizens in mind with far more public access to recreational areas than others. WalletHub took into consideration 36 key metrics for cities to meet that would improve their capacity for a healthier standard of living concerning the people who reside there.

If you want to start making some incremental changes to start leading a healthier lifestyle in 2021 consider relocating to any of the 10 best cities that boast the best recreation has to offer.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

After being trapped indoors for most of 2020 an active island lifestyle sounds like a dream.

This city was rated pretty high on WalletHub’s active lifestyle score for a few reasons.

Honolulu has the most tennis courts per capita which is one of the best HIIT workouts for cardiovascular health. Honolulu is also ranked number 1 because the air quality, temperature, and access to oceans and other natural resources conducive to outdoor exercise are unmatched. This is important since COVID-19 closed several indoor fitness facilities.

2. Portland, Oregon

Coming in at number 2 for best cities to engage in an active lifestyle is Portland, Oregon.

This city is extremely bike and eco-friendly so getting around organically is encouraged. This means that the air quality is also much better since people can easily get around by way of the myriad bike paths snaking through the city. Portland has such a lush, diverse array of outdoor wonders to keep yourself from becoming too idle on your couch. Organic food markets are on nearly every corner making it easy, (and delicious mind you) to keep trim.

3. San Diego, California

The third most health-conscious city on our list is San Diego, California.

This city has the most virtual gym centers per capita. A comprehensive offering of online fitness classes allows those too afraid to leave the comfort of their own home amidst a deadly pandemic the chance to still get their sweat on within their own comfort zone. Pandemic notwithstanding this city has a warm climate with a rich outdoor recreational culture.

4. San Francisco, California

Hiking comes second nature to native San Franciscans.

San Francisco, California has several hiking trails and beautiful summits to climb to take in some of the most breathtaking views of the pacific ocean you’ve ever seen. Much like San Diego they also offer significantly more virtual fitness classes than other cities. For those not willing to risk exposure to COVID-19 this is a great option for you.

5. Chicago, Illinois

The windy city is number 5 on our list for best spots to stick to your resolutions maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Chicago, Illinois is home to the most swimming pools, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts per capita. The sheer volume of public parks and recreation helps members of the community stay active without breaking the bank. With many of us saving everything we can in turbulent economic times a free option for daily exercise is a blessing.

6. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington was rated the number 1 city for the highest percentage of inactive residents compared to Laredo, Texas which ranked last. What is the difference between the two?

For one, Seattle offers more virtual workout programs for its citizens. There is also plenty of access to healthy foods with a wide array of farmer’s markets to shop at. Seattle, Washington is also ranked number 3 for cities with the most running trails!

7. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas made the cut for cities promoting healthy living at number 7 and here is why.

This city is in a 4-way tie with Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego for the most virtual physical fitness options offered to residents. There is also significant access to parkland making access to outdoor recreation easier with gyms closed. The nicer weather encourages folks to go out and play as well. The only scene more robust in Austin than the wellness culture is the music scene that attracts more young professionals each year.

8. Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado is number 8 on our list for the healthiest cities to migrate to.

Much like San Francisco, California, Denver, Colorado has several gorgeous outdoor locations to go on vigorous, heart-pumping hikes with your friends. This may be the reason why the median average for obesity here is only 17% compared to the national median of 33%. This city also has some of the best air and water quality in the country.

9. Los Angeles, California

Hollywood is understandably one of the most health-conscious cities in the U.S. I feel that’s where most wellness influencers reside, no?

Los Angeles is rated fairly high for the most basketball courts available per capita. Outdoor recreation spots and joggers can be spotted daily and due to warm weather and access to the beach swimming and surfing is a big way folks in L.A. stay fit. Health and wellness stores are also in high demand for aspiring models and actors trying to get trim for their next audition.

10. Washington, D.C.

Last on our list for cities encouraging the physical wellness of its dwellers is Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital is tied up with Honolulu for most tennis courts available for residents to use. This type of exercise is recommended by doctors to improve cardiovascular health. D.C. has had several public health campaigns that were effective in warning people of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. This is the type of city that is very walkable and when people rely less on automatic transportation they end up getting in some cardio simply from running errands.

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