In case you missed it, subscription boxes are a big thing right now…and we’re totally on board. In this installment of why-subscription-boxes-are-awesome, we’re going to be checking in on a certain New Year’s resolution that you may or may not have maintained. Good news: Our roundup of the best fitness subscription boxes has something for everyone—be it fashion-forward activewear from Fabletics or backpacking gear courtesy of Cairn—and the right subscription might be just what you need to get (or stay) on the path to healthy living.

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Best activewear box

This popular subscription will buy you a three-piece activewear outfit delivered to your door every month. Subscribers get to choose their ensemble from a selection of stylish offerings, so there’s no element of surprise here (and no risk of not liking what you get). There’s also an option to bulk up your box with additional accessories or clothing for those who like to splurge every now and then. On the flipside, you can opt to skip a month as often you wish, as long as you do so at the beginning of the month (i.e., before the charge hits your bank account).

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Best overall

If variety is what you’re looking for, this subscription delivers. Yep, there’s a little bit of everything—supplements, workout plans, clothing, recipes, snacks, gear—in this themed monthly box and happy customers report that all the goods are top-notch. Indeed, the folks behind the Barbell Box are masters at putting together the perfect fitness-inspired care packages, which is good news since there’s no customization or pick-and-choose option here. That said, you can cancel anytime if the contents don’t live up to your expectations.

Buy it (from $50 per month)

Best variety box

Training gear, wholesome snacks and snazzy new gym clothes are among the many fitness goodies you’ll find in this monthly variety box. This carefully curated selection of premium products is designed to inspire subscribers to reach their individual health goals—and the value is hard to beat, since the total retail value of the seven items in each box is twice the monthly cost. Best of all, customers are entitled to a free replacement of clothing items (should anything ill-fitting arrive) and can also cancel, hold or skip deliveries without penalty. One last perk: This subscription comes with free access to a library of over 100 different workouts. Not too shabby.

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Best for the outdoors

The reasonable price point, excellent customer service and array of quality brand-name products are just a few of the reasons why the Wild Woman box is, well, wildly popular. This one is designed with the outdoorsy, adventurous type in mind, so gym rats are better off with a different box. However, if you like to hike and camp—or just generally prefer an outdoor setting to a stationary bike—this monthly care package will be right up your alley. Each delivery includes a selection of inspirational tchotchkes and healthy snacks, along with all-natural body products for post-workout pampering and quality outdoor gear to ensure you’re both comfortable and prepared on your path to personal fitness.

Buy it (from $38 per month)

Best for Yoga lovers

If you’re a yogi with a workout wardrobe in need of an update, this is the fitness subscription box for you. Yoga club is all about the clothes, delivering a brand new (and brand name) three-piece activewear outfit to your door every month for half the retail cost. This is not a one-size-fits-all subscription, either—when you sign on, you’re hooked up with a personal stylist who will curate your box according to both your general taste and the specific feedback you provide upon each delivery. The takeaway? This subscription provides a steady supply of fresh and flattering activewear, so you’re motivated enough to make it to yoga class and look darn good when you’re there.

Buy it ($79 per month)

Best for self-care

A different spin on a fitness subscription box, FabFitFun deliveries include a wide range of self-care products that will serve you well whether you’re paying a visit to the spa or hitting the gym. Although this box is less about breaking a sweat and more about general wellness, it still makes the list considering that the latter can certainly inspire the former, no? For your buck, you’ll get to customize a seasonal delivery of full-size beauty products and personal care items, with a few random items in the mix for good measure. In other words, this option is ideal for anyone who likes R&R as much (if not more) than the gym, and is also cool with surprises…but not quite enough to shell out for a monthly crap shoot.

Buy it (from $45 per box)

Best for shop-a-holics

When you sign up for a Fabletics subscription, you’re not just getting a monthly box (although the goods will come in one), but rather carte blanche to do a little shopping every month. Kate Hudson’s fitness-centered subscription service operates much like a gift card: The monthly fee is essentially a store credit that allows you to purchase deeply discounted (up to 50 percent off retail) merch from the best activewear brands around. You’re under no obligation to shop on a monthly basis—subscribers can skip a month entirely or simply hold onto the credits for later use—and because the service allows you to pick your products from an online story, there is no risk that your care package will consist of apparel you neither need nor like.

Buy it ($50 per month)

Best budget-friendly box

The Fit Lifestyle Box is the most budget-friendly option on our list, but you needn’t be skeptical—you get a lot more than a couple of energy bars for your buck. The box, which arrives on a monthly basis, is filled with six to nine full-size products that match the goal-oriented theme (‘Get Lean’, ‘Stay Fit’ or ‘Get Strong’) that you select. You can count on getting something wearable—like a workout tank, for example—along with some health-conscious snacks and coupons you can use to shop for discounted fitness stuff at premium retailers. That said, the best part of this parcel is probably the 30-day workout challenges included in every shipment—it’s motivation in a box, baby.

Buy it (from $21 per month)

Best for plus sizes

Good news: You don’t have to be a size 2 to treat yourself to flattering and comfortable activewear that suits your fit lifestyle. Dia&Co was founded with a mission to promote not only healthy living, but also body positivity for all women—and the subscription box certainly reflects those values. If you sign up for the company’s activewear box, you’ll receive a monthly delivery of stylish, plus size workout wear and prepaid shipping envelope, so you can purchase what you want to keep and return the rejects at no cost to you. The takeaway? This confidence-boosting care package will help you achieve fitness goals both big and small.

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Best for wilderness workouts

Another winner for women who love the great outdoors—Cairn Box is a subscription service that will support your active lifestyle with a box full of outdoor gear, delivered to your doorstep on either a monthly or quarterly basis. As for the schwag, you can expect an assortment of practical, best-in-class products for wilderness adventures (i.e., flashlights, fire kits, etc.) and some tasty treats to supply you with enough energy for your expedition.

Buy it (from $33 per month)

Best for keto-friendly fuel

If your fitness routine has grown a bit stale, you might be in need of some edible inspiration. Enter, My Keto Snack Box—a service that rewards subscribers with a selection of seriously delicious, keto-friendly noshes. With every monthly delivery, you’ll receive eight to 12 different things to snack on as you strive to reach the next level in your exercise plan. In case you were wondering, all the goodies contain less than 5 grams of carbs and are free of sugar and artificial ingredients to boot. Bottom line: Whether you’re looking to fuel a future workout or simply watching your waistline, this snack delivery subscription will fit the bill.

Buy it (from $36 per month)

Best for when you need to suck it up

Let’s be honest, the major highlight of any fitness routine is the part when you slurp down a refreshing, blended beverage. (No, we’re not talking margarita time.) When it comes to filling your stomach with something healthy—be it because you just burned a few calories, or that you need to consume some so you can hit the ground running—a good smoothie is an obvious choice. What’s not so fun is having to round up all the ingredients yourself…or worse still, go without. Well, friends, SmoothieBox is the solution: This subscription service provides you with all the materials you need to make yourself a frosty and healthy drink whenever you wish. Each box (delivered on a four, six, or eight-week schedule) contains 20 two-serving smoothie packs in a variety of mouth-watering flavors—that’s 40 smoothies, in case you don’t want to do the math—and you only need a blender to benefit.

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Best fitness app

OK, this one isn’t a box…but it’s still worth knowing about. The obé fitness app is an easy way to get access to a whole host of workout videos so you can stay fit on your own schedule, without even opening your front door. If you pony up the monthly fee, you’ll be able to take your pick from the 20 live classes available each day, as well as more than 6,000 on-demand exercise sessions you can tune into whenever you want. Aside from the convenience and flexibility, the best thing about this fitness app is that the diversity of classes available—pilates, dance, cardio boxing, you name it—ensures that pretty much anyone can get fit and have fun in the process.

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Best healthy snack box

The entry-level Clean.Fit Box includes nine healthy snacks per month, but—fair warning—once you taste the goods, you’ll likely want to supersize your subscription and get all 18 treats with every delivery. The health-conscious will be happy to hear that every non-GMO nosh in the box meets the highest nutritional standards—free of artificial flavors and sweeteners and suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets as well.

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Best personalized box

This custom-curated monthly package includes an assortment of activewear, loungewear and workout gear—so you’ll be able to make use of the contents during workout and wind-down periods alike. Best of all, the merchandise you receive is picked by a professional stylist based on both your fashion sense and fitness habits. In other words, each monthly delivery contains a swoon-worthy mix of practical and novelty items that will inspire you to get off the couch, stat.

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