November 28, 2021

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Take that cookie and stuff it: Como adds candy, doughnuts to the dough | Restaurants

In March of 2020, Hermanson began applying for licenses and permits to sell her extraordinary cookies, which range from fudge brownie cookies with a candy core to funfetti sugar cookies with doughnut centers. 

“That’s the first really big one I made, where I put a doughnut in the middle, and it’s now a favorite,” said Hermanson. “I brought them to a party and people were like, ‘Holy crap. These are awesome.’”

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Como Cookie Company’s Funfetti Frosted cookie is made with sprinkled sugar cookie dough and stuffed with a doughnut. 

That was also the reaction she received when she began selling at the Verona Downtown Farmers Market the following summer. Her cookies, ranging from 8 ounces to a pound, gained quick traction. It wasn’t long before Como Cookie Co. started renting a kitchen space and shipping all over the country, filling orders from Ohio, Texas and California. 

“It was a lot more than I thought it would be, that’s for sure,” said Hermanson. “But I’ve loved it a lot. I’ve learned so much about how running a business works.”

Simultaneously with her monstrous munchies, Hermanson’s personal training business also took off about six months ago. She had to pull in the reins on Como Cookie’s momentum, and until recently, she had time only for private orders rather than large shipments. 

“We’re coming back, and I’m hoping to get into FEED Kitchens in the next couple of weeks,” said Hermanson, who is “priming Como for our launch as a full-time cookie company with nationwide shipping and regular cookie inventory, which will take effect Nov. 1.” 

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