Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration announced its plans Thursday to extend the health care coverage period for new and expecting moms eligible for Medicaid.

“This allows us to provide mothers the care and guidance they need through an important and delicate period in their lives without the additional fear or anxiety of getting an unaffordable bill,” said Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Acting Secretary Meg Snead.

Women eligible for Medicaid because of pregnancy are currently given coverage for 60 days. State officials say they’re bumping that period up to one year.

“This coverage can help us save lives,” Snead said.

She calls this an investment in the health and well-being of new mothers and their babies — and a historic one.

“This extension of postpartum Medicaid coverage will help mothers continue to access physical and behavioral health care necessary to keep themselves healthy and their families on a path to health and wellbeing,” Snead said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services says the plan aims to curb maternal mortality, as the majority of postpartum deaths happen outside of the current two-month coverage window.

“Mothers in this country and in Pennsylvania deserve better,” Snead said. “They deserve care for the physical and emotional trauma and strain of birth that does not disappear after 60 days.”

The expansion falls under the American Rescue Plan Act, which says states are able to implement a new plan option starting April 1 of next year.

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey say they’re on board.

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