If you’ve watched season three of Netflix’s You, then you know that Love and Joe are not the soulmates they thought they were.

In fact, it’s probably more accurate to say that they loathe each other. As the show progresses, it’s clear that Joe (Penn Badgley) can’t stand Love (Victoria Pedretti) and she thinks he’s a lazy father.

The same can’t be said for all couples in the series though. If we had to rank all the pairings from seasons one to three, Cary (Travis Van Winkle) and Sherry Conrad (Shalita Grant) are easily in the top spot. They said so themselves when they spoke to E! News, with Shalita proudly proclaiming, “Definitely we are the best. King and queen of Madre Linda.”

In second place is Dante (Ben Mehl) and Lansing, if only for the fact that we know very little about their marriage. From the outside looking in, they’re great people, as evident in their willingness to take in Joe and Love’s son, Henry Forty Quinn Goldberg.

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Third place is a toss-up between Theo (Dylan Arnold) and Love, and Matthew (Scott Speedman) and Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus). Each couple has a serious imbalance in regards to who loves more. Theo and Matthew are clearly flawed men who deeply love their partners.

It’s unfortunate, but Natalie and Love are in the relationships for amusement and personal benefit. Does it seem healthy? No. But Matthew and Theo, to some extent, know what they are getting themselves into.

Those couples are followed by Gil (Mackenzie Austin) and Margaret Brigham, who are in the fourth spot because they clearly have some issues. Like, his wife literally covered up the fact their son was abusive with women and didn’t tell her husband. There are white lies and then there are lies like this.

Fifth place goes to Love and Joe, because, duh. They have their strong moments, but those only occur when they’ve killed someone and need to cover it up. Otherwise, it seems like Joe hates Love and she’s in denial.

Victoria Pedretti conceded that they could be soulmates, but it would take “the courage and wherewithal to be vulnerable and open.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t see that happen,” she shared. “I do seem them as soulmates and I think they’re uniquely capable of fulfilling each other’s weaknesses and their strengths are really there to support and uphold each other.”



Penn ultimately agreed with Victoria’s assessment, describing the onscreen couple as “compatible enough.” However, he thinks there’s something fundamentally wrong with their marriage. As he put it, “They are perfect for each other but as long as they misunderstand the nature and purpose of a relationship, which is not just about personal fulfillment and stuff like that, then they’re just not going to go anywhere.”

We’d rank the other couples, like Joe and Beck, and Joe and Marienne, but can we even call them relationships when one of them is dead and the other is totally unaware of the true nature of their partner?

We do feel inclined to give a special shoutout to Love’s parents, Dottie (Saffron Burrows) and Ray Quinn (Michael Reilly Burke) for finally getting a divorce. Some things just aren’t meant to be and it’s better to acknowledge that than live in denial.

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