This summer, Priyanka Chopra is raising her glass at home for a good cause.

The A-list star was recently named the creative advisor for Bon V!V spiked seltzer. And in between whipping up the brand’s new Make Me Blush cocktail, the actress found a way to pay it forward when enjoying the sweet tastes of summer.

“I think the best part about this is that 20 percent of the proceeds go to CARE,” Priyanks shared exclusively with E! News when celebrating her partnership. “A big part of who I am is philanthropic and the fact that I aligned with a brand who jumped up and said we want to be able to do that with you was just so awesome. And CARE is just such a great organization…I just think that you’ll be having a fun brunch but at the same time you’ll be providing for women across the world so I think it’s a win for both.”

Brunch these days is often held at Priyanka’s house alongside husband Nick Jonas. While the former Quantico star is the first to admit that she’s “not the best cook,” there are some dishes she can’t resist.

“I just can’t cook. I’ve never taken to it. I don’t particularly love it but I am a big fan of an avocado toast with a fried egg and to add pickles and chili on it,” she explained. “But my husband makes amazing tuna sandwiches and that’s one of his specialties so that’s also on our brunch menus.”

Stars With Alcohol Brands

During quarantine, Priyanka says she is doing a lot of reading while focusing on new projects.

At the same time, she has taken on a new interest that may be music to her husband’s ears.

“It’s a good time to be a creative person, especially in entertainment. You can create something and sell it for when the world becomes normal again,” she teased. “So, I’ve been doing a lot of that but I am trying to take on learning an instrument. I’m still figuring out which one. Drums, piano, but that’s really something that I’ve challenged myself to start learning.”

Putting work and hobbies aside, Priyanka continues to focus on gratitude during an unusual time. And while it has been challenging not to have friends over to entertain, the philanthropist is trying to maintain a positive mindset.

“I feel like we are very privileged amongst all of us to have the ability to socially distance. A lot of the world doesn’t really have that ability, many cities around the world where people are so close to each other especially in impoverished societies. So I really take the time every single morning to count my blessings, to love the fact that social distancing is an issue that I’m concerned about right now,” she shared. “And a lot of people talk about being bored in this time and I really consciously try to think about it every morning and count my blessings to know that I have a home and my friends and family are healthy and that boredom is something really that I don’t even think about.”

And after a day of working (or staying) at home, a cocktail never hurt anyone. 

“It’s sort of like a spin on the Arnold Palmer, and I had just recently tried the Arnold Palmer just a couple of years ago when I moved to America,” Priyanka shared when describing Bon V!V’s Make Me Blush drink. “I love a good cocktail! I’m a brunch girl and I love a good cocktail.”

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