November 28, 2021

Acqua NYC

Fit And Go Forward

Pennsylvanians weigh in on socialism, courts, government and free speech

Enough gridlock, our lawmakers must work to solve our problems

This is a challenge to our elected officials: It is time to stop the gridlock. It is time to think as a citizen of the United States. As citizens, we share a common belief that democracy is the best form of government. Instead of creating division, take the time to listen to all opinions. The founders of our government encountered different opinions and set up our democracy to allow for healthy discussions.

It is time to do your job. Vote to help every citizen through this difficult time. Become a problem solver and not a gridlock creator.

Martha Kosiorek, Wattsburg

False rhetoric about ‘socialist’ Democrats needs to stop

It is time to stop the disinformation and false narratives spread by the former president and right-wing media. One of the most glaring falsehoods is this tired, persistently repeated trope accusing Democrats of wanting a socialist and communist takeover of the country.

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