January 24, 2022

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Owners of The Harvey House planning new restaurant on Regent Street | Restaurants

Brick building part of Budget Bicycles

The brick part of the shop, at the corner of Regent Street and North Charter Street, will be converted into the restaurant.

Samara Kalk Derby | Wisconsin State Journal

The attached brick building, at the corner of Regent and Charter streets, will be converted into the restaurant, Shulfer said in the letter.

The metal-clad building behind it, built in 1950, will be demolished to make room for a patio with a 135-person capacity. Plans include an outdoor bar, an artificial turf game lawn, and a gas fireplace.

“I think it’s going to be a very cool concept and a cool restaurant, great location,” Shulfer said. “I think it’ll be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.”

In terms of the style of the restaurant, Shulfer said he’s not “at liberty to say a whole lot about it right now.”

Budget Bikes brick building

The restaurant will take up a portion of the 12,000-square-foot Budget Bicycle Center building, which is home to a service shop, parts and accessories store.

Samara Kalk Derby | Wisconsin State Journal

Attempts to reach Charly Thursday in person, by phone and by email were unsuccessful.

Charly is also the landlord for Robbins Papach at The Harvey House, 644 W. Washington Ave, tucked into the Madison Train Depot. The property includes another of Charly’s bike stores, Motorless Motion Bicycles.

The elegant Harvey House, owned by Robbins Papach and her husband, Joe Papach, opened in July, billed as a modern-day supper club.

Shulfer, who wasn’t involved in The Harvey House, said his contact has been Robbins Papach. “I think Joe is kind of busy over at The Harvey House, doing his thing, and Shaina is kind of spearheading the new restaurant concept.”

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