A stable democracy encourages business growth and a sense of security among its citizens. A stable democracy depends on at least two healthy political parties.

Right now we only have one healthy party (hopefully this won’t go to its head). The other is mostly living on another planet — actively promoting fear and giving us ulcers, or needlessly exposing us to death in the pandemic, which certainly does not help business. For the health of our country, we need the reality-minded members of that broken party to be encouraged in their sanity.

After the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, many large corporations stopped funding those politicians who spoke out against the reality of the 2020 election in November, possibly suspecting that some might have been active encouragers of the insurrection. At any rate, the corporate motivation was equally influenced by the idea that stability is necessary for health and growth.

Whatever your party, our country needs your encouragement for all those who stand for reality, truth and facts. Please support with letters, checks and votes those politicians of each party whose values promote good health, democracy and stability for the future.

Nancy Bruins, Black Earth

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