January 18, 2022

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NFL Man Of The Year Nominees

Demonstrates Dedication and Commitment to Community Efforts this Year

Incredible challenges — including the COVID-19 pandemic and the pain brought by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis — prompted Eric’s impressive responses. He readily helped with messages to communicate the importance of healthy habits to Vikings fans and then was inspired to create paintings, sell them and match donations for coronavirus relief efforts.

Floyd’s death less than five miles from U.S. Bank Stadium while in police custody sent a shockwave throughout the world. The tragedy caused tremendous pain in many and motivated Kendricks to call for meaningful changes in the NFL’s efforts to understand social injustices and create a fairer world, even if progress requires leaving one’s comfort zone.

“We all have to get a little bit uncomfortable,” Eric says. “We all have to educate ourselves. We have to put ourselves out there. We have to be vulnerable. These are real issues.”

In addition to tearful video messages that went viral, Eric engaged behind the scenes to better understand problems and facilitate change. He and Anthony Barr flew from California to Minnesota to meet with Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo on June 6. They learned some of the challenges that Arradondo has faced when trying to implement policing reform. 

During that trip to Minneapolis, Eric and Anthony shared somber moments when they visited the memorial created at the intersection where Floyd died.

The former college teammates also participated in a beneficial conversation with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss how the League and players can work together to achieve social justice.

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