Meghan Markle’s biggest speech since leaving her senior royal duties has been met with praise from her fans on social media.

The Duchess of Sussex addressed tens of thousands of girls and young women at the UN’s Girl Up conference, which was held online over three days.

Her keynote speech was pre-recorded from the Los Angeles mansion she and her husband Prince Harry are living in with their son Archie.

She told girls around the world to use their voices to build one another up, and to chase their convictions with action.

Keeping her look simple, she wore a blue sleeveless top, with her hair down and straightened, hanging across her shoulders.

Sophie Gallagher, a deputy lifestyle editor for The Independent, tweeted: “Meghan Markle bringing full Los Angeles celebrity hotness for UN speech.

“No more royal hairstyles, covered shoulders or minimal makeup. She is back.”

Others declared she was “glowing”, saying the hair, make-up and dress were “perfect”.

One said her hair was looking “beautiful and healthy”.

There was some speculation online that her hair could be longer through extensions, but fans were quick to point out her hair has always been long, and the difference in the speech on Tuesday was the straightened style.

One said she was “eloquent, brave, beautiful, compassionate, encouraging” during the speech, which they said was “so powerful”.

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The message was shared in full on the Girl Up campaign’s Instagram page, where fans left comments praising her words.

One said: “She’s made for this. Powerful, eloquent, thought provoking!”

Another added: “Somebody give that woman a country to run.”

Others called her “amazing” and referred to her as a “queen”.

Body language expert Judi James told Femail the speech showed Meghan was “fully emerged from the royal experience and is back on track”.

She said: “Meghan spoke with a calm and warm tone, using long blinks and a raised index finger to suggest wisdom and empathy. Her finger pinch gesture flagged up precise thought and a desire to give advice from a place of experience and when she pulled her hands into fists she showed a desire to create change.”

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James also noted that this was Meghan’s “most important speech to date”, significant because of the other women on the bill for the summit, and that the duchess showed “she was more than up to the challenge”.

A Girl Up spokesperson said summit speakers are not paid but give their time voluntarily.

Meghan and Harry are both on the books of the Harry Walker Agency, a star-studded speakers company that also represents the likes of Michelle and Barack Obama and Meghan’s friend Serena Williams.

The duchess has long been a campaigner on gender equity and this is likely to continue to feature in her work as she and Harry set up Archewell, their non-profit organisation, in the next year.

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